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Broccoli Lawns and Cupcake Sledding: Photographer Christopher Boffoli Plays With His Food

Friday 10.18.2013 , Posted by


Seattle photographer, Christopher Boffoli, is widely known for his series of work called Big Appetites. Using food as a prop in his photographic storytelling, the images show an affection for the miniature and the playful. The work is significantly more evolved than the airplane spoon of dinner that is “coming in for a landing” in a baby’s mouth, but perhaps both share the concept of bridging food and play. The photos create imaginary worlds and alternate realities. It’s a world where broccoli can becomes a lawn and spaghetti can become a car wash. [Read more…]


Fields of Gold: Changes in the US Corn Industry [Infographic]

Tuesday 10.08.2013 , Posted by


Corn was once a straightforward crop, but the US industry has seen big changes in recent years. Ethanol and GMOs are both relatively new to the scene, and they are both hot-button issues. Since 1980, the use of corn has increased significantly as a result of renewable energy legislation. Not only are we using more corn, but we are using different strains of corn. In 2013, genetically engineered corn accounted for 90% of the planted crop showing a steep increase from just 25% in 2000. A series of graphs were produced by Flapjack Media to detangle the data. The full graphic is available here. [Read more…]


Playing with Food: The Art Toast Project from Ida Frosk

Friday 09.13.2013 , Posted by

The Art Toast Project

What if famous painters had used a piece toast as their canvas, and foodstuffs instead of paint? Well, it might have looked something like The Art Toast Project. Brainchild of Norwegian Instagram food artist Ida Skivenes (who goes by her online pseudonym Ida Frosk) The Art Toast Project is a series of our favorite paintings by well-known artists, created entirely out of edibles on slices of toast. [Read more…]


To Your “Health”- Visualizations of Some of the Craziest Popular Fad Diets

Wednesday 09.04.2013 , Posted by

Stephanie Gonot Fad Diets 1

People will try anything for a miracle weight loss trick. The old tried and true eat wholesome, healthy foods and exercise regularly is too difficult in this fast paced world, so instead we convince ourselves that drinking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for ten days will make all of our dreams of turning heads on the beach come true. Maybe if we eat nothing but bacon, sausage, and grapefruit we’ll get that “healthy” body we’ve always wanted- who needs kidneys anyway? LA based photographer Stephanie Gonot had the brilliant idea to create visual representations of several fad diets to put into perspective just how dangerous some of these quick fixes really are. [Read more…]


National Flags Created From the Foods Each Country Is Commonly Associated With

Tuesday 08.27.2013 , Posted by


Feeling hungry? You will be after looking through this creative collection of food photography by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA. To promote the Sydney International Food Festival, which is Australia’s largest food festival which had almost a million attendees last year and chefs from all over the world, the imaginative team re-created 17 national flags using foods common to each nation. Basil, pasta, and tomatoes create the stripes on Italy’s flag, while hot dogs and buns were used for the U.S., olives and feta cheese for Greece, and curries with rice for India and Indonesia. [Read more…]


Beard Magic: When Your Facial Hair Has a Life of Its Own, and Also Gives You Vegetables

Wednesday 08.21.2013 , Posted by

Beard Magic 1Beard Magic 2

Beards are awesome, in the old sense of the word. Like when you can hardly breath it is so awesome. Like when you might faint, fall over and land on the dog from the pure awesomeness. Minneapolis-based photographer Ben Garvin knows this and just released an absolutely fantastic and wacky stop-motion video called Magic Beard. He did the whole thing using the iPhone app Stop Motion Studio, and that’s all we’re going to tell you about it… take a safe seat and watch to the end! [Read more…]


Fast Food Sandwiches Without A Top Bun Under A High-Resolution Scanner

Sunday 08.18.2013 , Posted by

Jon Feinstein 1

Aside from the chewy deliciousness of bread, it may serve another purpose in the fast food world- concealing the low-grade mystery meat beneath so that we can deem it edible. Photographer Jon Feinstein placed open-faced fast food sandwiches under a high-resolution scanner and surprisingly, they look nothing like the appetizing sandwiches shown on billboards everywhere. Although he does not label where any of the “food” items are from, many are fairly easy to identify and he titles each picture with it’s fat content instead. [Read more…]


Strangely Tasty: Retro Video of Ice Cream (Un)Melting

Friday 06.28.2013 , Posted by

Lullatone - Lets Split a Banana Split

It’s common knowledge that things get way cooler in slow motion… but what about speeding stuff up in reverse?? That’s what Lullatone, a super happy lo-fi musical duo have done for the video of their latest single. Did we mention ice cream? The retro feast that plays out before our eyes features ice cream “(un)melting” in reverse. A melted banana split grows back into its tasty solid form before our eyes; and a red, white and blue popsicle jumps back onto the stick. It’s all done to the tasty summer tunes of Lullatone set against a grainy vintage film aesthetic. [Read more…]


The Top 10 Strangest Food Trucks

Friday 06.14.2013 , Posted by

space shuttle cafe

One of the best parts of living in a big city is the food options, but with rental costs so high for restaurant space some of the best chefs are cooking their signature staples out of food trucks instead. Sometimes just the delicious aroma can lure you to the food truck window, but in this case the trucks themselves are strangely alluring. Not all food trucks are created equally, and as Jalopnik shows in this collection of the Top 10 Weirdest Food Trucks, some vendors have gone above and beyond in “pimping their rides.” From The Angry Friar-a Double Decker bus with restaurant seating on top, to a lactose-tolerant Trekkie’s dream at Grillenium Falcon, and a Space Ship Cafe truck built from the fuselage of a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, these vendors aim to give you an experience unlike any other. [Read more…]


From Farm to Fork: Our Toxic Food System

Tuesday 06.11.2013 , Posted by

Food is the fuel we use to get our bodies into motion. Fruits and vegetables are our friends; foods like chips, soda, french fries, hamburgers, and candy are the devil. With the way our current food system works, these processed foods are making up a significant portion of our daily food intake. They’re readily available at every food store you enter, and an ice cold Coca-Cola is very difficult to pass up in favor of sparkling water. The problem, however, is that it’s not even about choosing healthy foods over artery cloggers. Today, 80% of food in the U.S. is supplied by massive factory farms associated with a myriad of environmental and health risks. From farm to fork, our food system is toxic. [Read more…]

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