9 Shocking Facts About the Food Industry

Modern farming techniques have changed the way America produces food. The U.S. grows more corn than any other country on the planet. These modern farming techniques, combined with massive government subsidies, have turned corn into an incredibly productive — and incredibly cheap — crop. 90 million acres of corn are farmed every year in the U.S., and < 1% of that is sweet corn, the type people actually eat. So, what is the corn being produced and used for? To worsen the American diet and enlarge waistlines?

What Do We Eat? Liberals vs. Conservatives

Ok liberals and conservatives, which would you prefer: a shot of wheatgrass or whiskey? This intriging graphic put together using the vast amount of cultural data collected by Hunch, the personalized recommendation site, looks at what self-described liberals and conservatives prefer to find on their plate. Do the cultural stereotypes about politics and food choices hold true? What about the people in the middle ground? Find it all out here, straight from the diners mouth: