The Unbelievable 3D Latte Art of Kazuki Yamamoto

1 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

We’ve seen latte art before, but these designs by Kazuki Yamamoto are over the top- literally! The Japanese “cappuccino painter” piles up foam to make three dimensional designs that defy gravity. Based in Osaka, the 26 year old took his flat latte art (also very impressive) to the next level, even making foam sculptures from one mug climb into another.

Michel Blazy Fills a Monastery With Cascades of Foam

In a gorgeous Cistercian monastery in Paris – one that dates back to the 13th century – sits Michel Blazy’s astonishing kinetic installation called Bouquet Final. The installation contrasts the stability of the renovated church with ever changing foam bubbles cascading around metal scaffolding like gigantic strips of cotton candy to show the fragility of life. Blazy is known for working with organic materials. Five years back, he exhibited another foam installation called Fontaine de mousse and a piece called Post Patman that filled the room with the stench and beauty of decaying matter at the Palais de Tokyo, also in Paris.