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The Aeromobil Flying Car Makes its First Flight… and it’s Seriously Sexy

Sunday 10.20.2013 , Posted by

Aeromobil header 1Aeromobil header 2

It’s official: the future is here. You might remember a few weeks ago when I asked “Where’s my flying car?!” I detailed many of the past and present designs that have tried to take the automobile skyward, but I missed one example that has just made its first flight – and it’s a seriously stunning machine! [Read more...]


Fly Like an Eagle: Bird Soars in France with a GoPro on its Back

Wednesday 09.18.2013 , Posted by


Yep, just an eagle with a GoPro strapped to its back… now your flying dreams are complete. We couldn’t help sharing this short video clip which took place in a mountain range near Chamonix, France. [Read more...]


Where’s My Flying Car?! The Best and Worst Examples of the Last 100 Years

Wednesday 09.11.2013 , Posted by

1 Flying Cars - Curtiss_Autoplane_19171 Flying Cars - Curtiss_Autoplane_1917_2

Sometimes life offers you some pretty fun compromises. When I was 14 my dad gave me an amazing offer: get braces, or get a pilots license. As many people would guess, to this day I have an awesomely crooked grin. Flying is a great pastime and gives you a new perspective of the world, opening up remote locations that would take hours or days to access by car… if you can get there at all. There is one glaring issue with flying however: once you land to that blazingly hot parking lot they call an airport, how do you get where you really want to go? Enter the flying car or roadable aircraft. [Read more...]


Modular Robots that Self-Assemble, Coordinate and Fly

Friday 07.26.2013 , Posted by

Distributed Flight Array 1

Quadrotors are all the rage right now, from a series of robots that precisely create buildings out of blocks, to an artist who turned his deceased cat into a flying machine (yes really); but what about robotic flying machines that need to self-assemble and cooperate in order to take flight? That was the dream of Professor Raffaello D’Andrea at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich. In 2008 he conceptualized the Distributed Flight Array, a self-assembling modular robot, and today it has become a reality. He and his team of researchers/students have spent the past 5 years conceptualizing, prototyping and testing a series of one-rotor flying machines that can’t fly on their own… but together form an unlimited array of flying potential. It’s seriously cool how well these machines operate; just check out the video below! [Read more...]


HUGE Pedal-Powered Helicopter Claims 33 Year Old Prize

Friday 07.19.2013 , Posted by

Atlas header

In 1980 the American Helicopter Society (AHS) laid down a challenge: create a human-powered helicopter that can stay at least 10 feet in the air for at least 60 seconds within a 30 x 30 foot space. 33 years later the $250,000 prize has finally been claimed by a team named AeroVelo and their absolutely massive four-rotor helicopter called Atlas. The unbelievable video below is a must watch. [Read more...]


Forget Flying Cars, Here’s a Flying Bicycle!

Thursday 07.18.2013 , Posted by

Paravelo flying bicycle 8

Imagine this: you walk out to your garage after your morning coffee, hop on your bicycle, ride down to the nearby field, and then fly to the beach. Wait… fly?!

That’s the idea behind this wild Kickstarter project called Paravelo. They’ve connected a modified folding bicycle to a powered parachute assembly, creating a hybrid bicycle-trailer-flying machine. It’s an affordable way to get in the air, and to the airfield. [Read more...]


Airline Passengers Photographed Through the Window

Monday 03.11.2013 , Posted by

Passengers John Schabel photographs 1

Even from the airport terminal it’s hard to make out the tiny people packed into a modern jet, but if you strain your eyes you can see expectant faces waiting for takeoff… or anxious to get off and stretch their legs. Photographer John Schabel’s series captures just that, travelers in the space of time after seating and before takeoff. [Read more...]


Will This Massive Airship Be the Next Way We Travel?

Thursday 01.10.2013 , Posted by

Aeroscraft Dream Dragon Gigantic Airship 1

Will your next flying trip be more like going on a luxurious cruise? Aeros, a modern day airship company, is in the midst of testing their gigantic new Aeroscraft which the company plans to use to transport passengers, cargo and for military applications. You only get a sense for the scale of this “subscale demonstration version” when you notice the parked truck in the picture above… and yes you read that correctly, this is a “small” test version of what they plan to build next – a series of 3 Aeroscraft models ranging from 310 to 787 feet and lifting 20 to 500 tons! [Read more...]


A View of Paris in 1878… From the Air

Wednesday 12.12.2012 , Posted by

It’s hard to believe that humans have been flying for well over 100 years. Even when we take into account that the Wright brothers took to the air in 1903, that isn’t even old when compared to the first flights. Before the Wrights there was Octave Chanute and Otto Lilienthal, pioneering glider inventors; and before them there was Henri Giffard, creator of the first powered flying machine – a steam powered airship. [Read more...]


Subwing: Soaring Beneath The Waves

Wednesday 03.14.2012 , Posted by

Looking like a sublime mix between flying, snorkeling and wake boarding, the new Subwing has got to be the coolest new toy I’ve seen lately. The twin winged device — which looks like something out of a Keaton era Batman flick — allows the user to fly and roll underwater much like a stingray. Propulsion for the Subwing is provided by a tow rope from a boat on the surface; either a power boat, jet ski or as its developer Simon Sivertsen first used, even a sailboat. That last option would make this not only extremely cool looking, but also fuel friendly too. [Read more...]

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