Tattoo Art Meets Graphic Design

No Sailor Jerry or unicorns here, the tattoo designs of Peter Aurisch have a distinctly designer look to them; so incredibly different than the standard ink on the street. His work melds both modern and reinterpreted classic themes, often combining intricate line drawing with carefully chosen overlapping layers of bold color. See more of his work (or book an appointment!) at

BMW Burns Their Logo into Viewers Eyes

With a flash, the BMW company has come up with a novel new advertising technique that literally burns their logo into the viewers’ eyes. Locating a flash unit behind a movie projection screen, their logo is brightly flashed onto the screen near the end of this motorcycle ad. Viewers only experience a quick unidentifiable flash, but when the ad finishes and viewers are instructed to close there eyes, the logo appears in their vision… and slowly fades away.

Using the same effect as briefly looking at the sun or a camera flash, the way the effect works is simple. The way it effects the unsuspecting audience, however, really leaves a mark.