Quadruplets: Improv Everywhere Strikes Again

From Michael Keaton meeting Michael Keaton, meeting Michael Keaton in the film Multiplicity, to our recent post on the surreal photography of Kevin Corrado, we’re getting used to seeing people repeated in film. It’s often as simple as cut and paste, so when New Yorkers were recently confronted with the “effect” right before their eyes, what looked like something out of a movie became a confusing, mind bending reality.

Improv Everywhere, legends of the flash mob and a staple surprise attraction of New York City, recently outdid themselves by filling a small city park with eight sets of identical quadruplets. The sets where stylishly dressed alike and sent out to interact with unsuspecting passerby, giving witnesses plenty of reason for some unbelieving double-takes.

A Flash Mob Collection for Holiday Smiles


It must be hard to put a number on how many times a flash mob has occurred now. They seem to be popping up everywhere, surprising those lucky enough to catch one in action.  I still have not had the pleasure of being somewhere where one starts, but it must be pretty amazing to unexpectedly have one come to life around you.  This November, a really awesome one broke out in my home airport. For all of the weary travelers at Denver International Airport, Community-Minded Dance put on quite a show on November 22nd, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The crew put on a medley of Swing classics to put a smile on travelers faces