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Abstract Explosions in the Sky: Fireworks Shot with a Macro Lens

Friday 08.30.2013 , Posted by

Nick Pacione Explosions in the Sky 1Nick Pacione Explosions in the Sky 2

You know what they say about photographers – it’s not the equipment you have, it’s how you use it… or something like that. Nick Pacione has been using a macro lens to photograph something you’d really hope to be far, far away: fireworks. He captured the 4th of July show in his home Dallas Texas, creating images that often look more like a psychedelic acid trip or big bundles of balloons than explosions in the sky. [Read more…]


National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico

Tuesday 06.18.2013 , Posted by

1 Thomas Prior

Every year 100,000 people gather in Tultepec, Mexico to experience the nine day National Pyrotechnic Festival. Like most festivals, food, rides, music, and dancing are involved, but the biggest thrills are the amazing fireworks displays. Tultepec is the largest producer of fireworks in all of Mexico and Pyrotechnicians come to compete in contests that choreograph fireworks with music. There are also “castillos” (castles) contests, which involve building wooden structures with reed and paper that with proper firework placement and design, give a 30 minute unique light sequence for all to enjoy. But the main event is the “pamplonas” (Running of the Bulls) in which roughly 250 moving bull-shaped wooden frames with up to 4,000 fireworks on them, run the streets with explosive trails following them everywhere they go, lasting 7 hours. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #227> Independent Sky

Wednesday 07.04.2012 , Posted by

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Explosions in the Sky: Independence Day Fireworks

Tuesday 07.03.2012 , Posted by

The Fourth of July is the day in which America celebrates gaining its independence from England, and has become synonymous with being the most supreme holiday of the year. Fourth of July is a time where you hang out with family and friends, grill food, and light off a ton of fireworks — the more illegal the better. More than 67 percent of Americans are planning to join in the festivities this year. Whether it’s attending a BBQ, watching a community fireworks celebration, or walking in a parade, there is plenty of fun for everyone — except for the small percentage of people who aren’t celebrating at all. [Read more…]