Firewall: Interactive Music with a Spandex Membrane

Firewall 1

Firewall is a new and exciting interactive audio/visual experience which uses a piece of stretched spandex as a performance membrane. Working like a big stretchy touch screen, when people push on the fabric they send fire-like visual ripples across the screen and beautifully change both the tempo and tone of the music being played… it has the power to transform everyone into an expressive musician simply with the stroke of a hand.

Graphic: China’s Answer to Social Networking

With almost 500 million of its citizens now online, China is in the process of a massive social media revolution: in fact, a full quarter of all social network users in the world are now Chinese. How is this quick change shaping up for the many new computer users in the country and what are they able to see with the governments now famous “Great Firewall of China” in place? This graphic from G+, a community for professionals, academics and entrepreneurs to connect, explores the firewall, platforms Chinese are using to connect, what’s driving the quick adoption of social media, why it’s important to the republic and how the country’s digital consumption stacks up compared to the rest of us. It’s an exciting and quickly changing time in the social media world.