Fangirls Travel The Globe to Find the Locations of Their Favorite Scenes

Good things come to those who follow their joy. In 2013, a group of 3 Finnish “fangirls” decided to travel the UK scouting out the scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows. 2,000 miles later, the girls accomplished their mission and had an amazing time doing it. Rather than printing out pictures to contrast them with the backgrounds as many have done in the past, the girls used their phones and tablets to show the original scenes. They documented their journey on their website and gained much love from the internet.

Dreams You Can Almost Touch. Paintings by Finnish Artist Samuli Heimonen

Finnish artist Samuli Heimonen creates surreal paintings which explore humanity’s big questions, using metaphor, and his love for animals and nature as a way to tell the story. His dreamlike imagery is highly atmospheric, yet is still able to communicate deep human emotions with near physical impact. Like any dream, the line between reality and illusion is remarkably thin.

Artist Paints Ghostly Figures Using Light – and No Post Processing!

Janne Parviainen Light Painting 1

It’s pretty fantastic that in a world filled with digital editing Janne Parviainen is creating these light paintings with absolutely no post-production. That’s right – whatever his camera’s long exposure captures is what you see here. Obviously a huge amount of skill goes into each of these images, which the Finnish artist “paints” using differently colored strobe lights, flash lights, toys that light up and even his own specially engineered lighting system. Many of the images take hours to complete, and leave little or no evidence of their creator.

Finnish Seniors Model Organic Materials in the Country

Eyes as Big as Plates 9

In the wet and cold countryside of the far north reside hardy people with stories to tell. Ambling across the verdant pastures, clad in the plants of the region, senior citizens model in the wilderness of south and eastern Finland. In our modern, often youth-centered world, the photographs are a beautiful and arresting look at unique and interesting characters in strange circumstances.

Mysterious Stories Unfold Underwater

I had the pleasure of seeing Sir John Everett Millais’ classic painting Ophelia at the Tate Britain recently – so that might be the reason these cold, almost claustrophobic photographs really stood out to me. Created by Finnish artist Susanna Majuri, each image sees a woman underwater in quiet repose – much like Millais’ iconic work. The images are almost unnerving in their quiet stillness, leaving the viewer to wonder if the works protagonist is dead, sleeping or stylistically frozen… only the story of Ophelia gives us the answer for one of these works…

Santtu’s Painterly 3D Illustrations Go Pop!

I really can’t pull my eyes away from these snappy illustrations by Santtu Mustonen. His highly unique style has a three dimensional, painterly look that is unlike anything I’ve seen. The renderings are as crisp as they are bright, many looking like extruded swirls of multi-colored wet paint. Only adding to the grip this work has on my attention, Santtu has animated a number of his illustrations in GIF form, giving them some of the smoothest and perfectly rendered motion I’ve seen from this sort of thing.