These Friends Built a Floating Mobile Sauna

When life finds you in the grips of the far north, the best way to put a smile on your face is with a warm sauna. The next step is to take a plunge into a cold body of water… but you don’t want to run too far. This group of friends from Joensuu, Finland has the right idea: they built an altogether awesome mobile sauna in the form of a boat – complete with hammocks for summer use, a top deck to jump off and style galore. If this is sailing, sign me up!

Finnish Seniors Model Organic Materials in the Country

Eyes as Big as Plates 9

In the wet and cold countryside of the far north reside hardy people with stories to tell. Ambling across the verdant pastures, clad in the plants of the region, senior citizens model in the wilderness of south and eastern Finland. In our modern, often youth-centered world, the photographs are a beautiful and arresting look at unique and interesting characters in strange circumstances.

Cool Igloo Hotel in Finland


The Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland is one the nicest hotels in cold climates one can visit. Every igloo is provided with a clear glass ceiling which allows guests to gaze at the beautiful northern lights and stars, all while relaxing comfortably in their warm room.

Finnish Sisters Recreate Their Childhood Memories

Don’t you love all those photographs your parents took of you and your siblings growing up? Well, maybe you didn’t at the time… but Wilma Hurskainen did and after she became a professional photographer, she decided to recreate images her father took of his 4 daughters before they grew up.

Santtu’s Painterly 3D Illustrations Go Pop!

I really can’t pull my eyes away from these snappy illustrations by Santtu Mustonen. His highly unique style has a three dimensional, painterly look that is unlike anything I’ve seen. The renderings are as crisp as they are bright, many looking like extruded swirls of multi-colored wet paint. Only adding to the grip this work has on my attention, Santtu has animated a number of his illustrations in GIF form, giving them some of the smoothest and perfectly rendered motion I’ve seen from this sort of thing.

Sculptural Cows Made From Colorful Cars

The behemoth metal works of Helsinki based artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä make a lot of sense when you look at her schooling history. Originally studying horses at Equine College Ypäjä, then spending years studying dairy farming at the Dairy Farming School of North-Savo, she finally transitioned to The School of Fine Arts of Finland. That’s where Äkkijyrkkä went big, really big. Her recent sculptures use car parts (sometimes nearly the entire automobile) to create strikingly huge and expressive bovine. See more of her work at