#Filtered: Creative Coffee Drawings By Ben Blake


Coffee enthusiast Ben Blake proves that Instagram is not a filter’s single origin. On his charming website, Blake uses cone filters–the humble backbones behind your morning brew–as palettes for spirited illustrations celebrating coffee culture. Each illustration is a pen-and-ink ode to a specific roaster, brew, coffeehouse, or speciality coffee experience, many finishing with smooth flourishes and caffeinated exclamation marks. As his drawings range from rich, overflowing landscapes to simple typographic logos, they cleverly pair bold tasting notes with beautiful written ones.

FML / Filter My Life — Instagram, Its Rise, and the Noise


Photo sharing sites have now turned the ugliest cat pictures into something that could be passed off as art. Filters are infiltrating our lives and making everything around us look nostalgic and campy. If you own a smartphone, you’ll know that the power of the camera in your handheld device is 10x better than handheld cameras were just a few years ago. This means we now all have the ability to take fantastic photos in regards to the quality of the photo. But, while technology and the Internet allow us to share our lives seamlessly to the world, convenience should never trump true creativity. This video by Grant Timothy McGuire looks at how using a filter has changed our world. But, have they really just created more noise?