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The Lost Art of the Ghana Movie Poster

Sunday 06.03.2012 , Posted by

While the Hollywood movie industry is famous for spending literal fortunes on their film fare and its subsequent promotion, not everyone has the means to promote movies with such gross excess: enter the lost art of the Ghana movie poster. During the boom of the video cassette in the 1980s, small-scale mobile theaters popped up around the sub-saharan country, providing entertainment as they passed through towns and villages. The showings often took place in social clubs, houses or outside in the warm night air, and sometimes only consisted of chairs, a generator, VCR and a television. To promote these shows artists were employed to create large, colorful posters and given full creative license to attract the viewing public… often with very entertaining, but less than accurate results. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #198> Time To Hit The Streets

Saturday 05.26.2012 , Posted by

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Great Film Scenes Captured With a Painters Brush

Wednesday 05.23.2012 , Posted by

When it comes to creating spot-on tribute paintings to our favorite movies, few do it better than Massimo Carnevale. His brush stroke heavy images capture so much life and vibrant emotion that they seem to give these much loved scenes even more impact and sentiment than the original films themselves. How is it, for example, that you can take one glance from the Back to the Future series and create such a poignant moment out of one that was probably lost to most viewers? This is talent. [Read more...]


Freaky Realistic Movie Sculptures Bring Stars to Life

Monday 05.07.2012 , Posted by

Forget wax museums, these latex sculptures of Hollywood stars are so real they’re completely freaky! Can you imagine walking into a room where Jack Nicholson’s very realistic bust is wielding an axe at you? How about Heath Ledgers Joker giving you a demented stare? The details on these figures are so precise it’s astounding: individual hairs are visible, eyes are wet and focused, you can practically see them breath… and a few of these are only 1/6th scale, only becoming obvious when you notice the size of things next to them. [Read more...]


Movie Mimic: Reenacting Scenes from Famous Films

Friday 04.27.2012 , Posted by

If you’re like most people, you’ve wanted to be in the movies at one time or another. From playing a hero like Indiana Jones or Wonder Woman to dating some hot star like Ryan Gosling or Megan Fox, we’ve all had the thought cross our mind. Then it comes to the incredible places those films take place: Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco… many of the iconic locations are burned into our memories, with moving plot and dialogue to match. Well, here’s a guy that’s putting himself in famous films, or at least one frame from a memorable scene. [Read more...]


Thailand’s Floating Movie Theater

Friday 04.06.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever seen a movie? Yes, we all have. But have you ever seen a movie while floating on the water? Probably not. If you happen to find yourself on Kudu Island in Thailand however, this fantasy could be made a reality. [Read more...]


Rear Window Exposed: The Movie Set in One Frame

Thursday 04.05.2012 , Posted by

With a little dissecting, Photoshop and After Effects, Jeff Desom reveals the entirety of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” set. For all of you who have seen this film, you will understand why this panoramic view is so fascinating. As the plot flowed from window to window in the original film, the world on the movie screen seemed so much larger. Now we can not only see the entire set, but also see the events of the movie happening in sync with the actual movie plot. [Read more...]


Mesmerizing Ferrofluid Dances to Music

Friday 03.30.2012 , Posted by

Like a music video for the scientifically minded, the short film below explores the unusual world of ferrofluid, a liquid which acts a lot like a gelatinous magnet. The second installment in an ongoing series of experiments, the film was made by Singapore based photographer/videographer Afiq Omar, who edited it with a distinctly dark and rhythmic style that’s as intriguing as it is creepy. Omar’s goal was to create something using ‘analog’ effects, so what you see here uses few modifications after shooting, showing the utter weirdness of his subject material and his talent as a videographer. [Read more...]


Never Before Seen DogBowl Footage

Tuesday 03.27.2012 , Posted by

Paul Caridad and I have been on a Visual News road trip throughout the US to connect with artists of all kinds since the beginning of March. At our first stop in Carpenteria, California, we were introduced to one of Brooks Institute’s most highly regarded film students, Jake Janisse. The 27 year old from Windsor, Ontario, Canada is in his 2nd year at Brooks Institute and is excited to be finally fulfilling his dreams of becoming a feature filmmaker. [Read more...]


How Perfect: Rube Goldberg Explains Perpetual Motion

Wednesday 03.21.2012 , Posted by

Rube Goldberg: it’s a name so closely associated with ridiculously complex machinery, so synonymous with the image of the crazy inventor, that it’s sometimes easy to forget he was a real person. Starting at the beginning of the last century, Goldberg’s ‘Inventions’ series was syndicated nationally, quickly making him a popular, household name. By the time this film was made in 1940, he was world famous and immensely popular. [Read more...]

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