Where Do Narwhals Get Their Horns? The Magical Secret Revealed

1 narwhal unicorn by kozyndan

As the national animal of Scotland, surely unicorns once existed, but where have they all gone? For centuries narwhals have been swimming around in oceans of lies, concealing a secret, but husband-wife artist duo Kozyndan (Kozy & Dan) have revealed their confidential information. Though scientists once believed that a Narwhal’s horn is an enormous canine tooth, or tusk, Kozyndan show us that inside of every Narwhal, actually lives A UNICORN! Teaming up with Pretty In Plastic, Kozyndan brought their illustrations of this phenomenon to life with 24″ resin sculptures of their explanation. You can impress your friends with your “in-the-know” status of the Narwhalian truth by displaying one of them in your home or office if you head over to their online shop and place an order.