It’s a Small World After All- Miniature Toy Figures Posed in the Real World

1 Miniature toy figures in real world (by Kurt & Edwige Moses

Husband and wife duo Kurt and Edwidge Moses photograph miniature figurines in a the real world in this clever series called Un Petit Monde (French for “A Small World”). It started in Kurt’s childhood as a creative fascination with the tiny characters that came with his train sets. He says “I dreamed up scenarios out in my backyard. As an adult, my inspiration comes from current and past experiences, how I see the world and my sense of humor.” His wife Edwidge is responsible for thinking of the scenes, researching locations and creating the props and Kurt gets down and dirty with his camera to capture the perfect shot. Blurring the real life backgrounds and focusing in on the little people, they have created a photo series that is as fun as it is realistic looking.

Surreal Humans Carved in Wood

Willy Verginer Sculpture 8

While they may look to be cast from resin, chiseled from stone or even 3D printed – these sculptures by Italian artist Willy Verginer are made of wood. His strikingly beautiful and dreamlike figures are covered with many textures; from smooth skin, to faceted rough surfaces and fascinating patterns in relief. His figures perform strange handstands, interact with woodland rabbits, and find themselves covered in delicate flowers – all giving the series a touch of the surreal.