Remarkable Sculptures on Humans and Nature


Viewed from the back, Olga Ziemska’s Stillness in Motion is only a bush of twigs, or at the most a tied bundle; but walk around to the front and you come face-to-face with a womanly figure cut with precision into the round wood sticks. Such is the case with much of this artists surprising work, at once looking familiar and then changing into something wholly unexpected.

Mysterious Heads: New Work from Stefan Zsaitsits

If you’ve ever felt like your head was stuck in the clouds, the characters of Stefan Zsaitsits can surely relate. His enigmatic figures each tell an imaginative story through their mysteriously drawn heads. Some morph into mountain ranges, others turn into geometric cubes and some even disappear. The simple style of his pencil based illustrations, childlike in their playfulness, belies the deeper aspects of the works and the vast imagination embodied in each.

Delicate Wire Sculptures Celebrate Human Form

Creating figures with a distinctly pen drawn appearance, self taught artist Gavin Worth has an amazing eye for the human form. Most of his pieces rely on a minimum of lines to convey their flowing forms, which do much to bring life to such a minimalist medium. Make sure to stop by Worth’s website, which includes his diverse selection of work from paintings to cut paper, design and more. See the video at the bottom of the page for a special look at one of his more complex pieces.

Book Cover Paintings Re-Use Waste

Sometimes reusing objects, with their worn texture and embodied history, is far more interesting than using something new. Los Angles artist Mike Stilkey knows this. He uses tall stacks of old, discarded hardcover books for his canvas, painting figures reminicent of Weimar-era German expressionism. Not sticking to pure vertical space, Stilkey’s newer pieces often cascade onto the floor, moving out into the room, transforming the whole room.

For more on his work, check out and be sure to see the video of his artistic process at the bottom of this page.