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Pitch Your Tent! An International Camping Festival in China Promotes a Green Ethos

Friday 10.11.2013 , Posted by


If you’re curious if people from mainland China do any camping, here is a festival that shows just how the the Chinese engage in the outdoors. In this most populated and vast country, Chinese citizens don’t always find the time for such leisure – as their work ethic and earnings often take priority over other activities. Although, with an increasing youthful, adventurous population, and rising disposable incomes, recreational activities such as snowboarding, camping and hiking are becoming more popular in the mainland. [Read more...]


Temporary Hexa Structures Made from Old Pallets

Monday 09.23.2013 , Posted by

Hexa Structures 9Hexa Structures 8

Michael Lefeber and BC Studies has recently created some impressively fun temporary structures made from completely reused and reusable materials. If you’re a fan of geometric forms, their Hexa Structures are really going to make you feel at home. Each is made from standardized elements, from scaffolding components as the load carrying structure, to discarded wooden pallets as everything from the load bearing floor, to the roof and decorative wall panels. You could easily create a large pile of junk with those materials, but this crew has made something both easily built and attractive. [Read more...]


Burning Man Pinhole Camera Project Develops a Web Presence

Tuesday 09.17.2013 , Posted by

1 Pinhole Project's Burning Man

As art lovers, naturally we love covering one of the most amazing visual experiences in the world: Burning Man. It’s an experience like no other and although it photographs well, capturing its true essence behind the lens is an amazing feat. Two of our favorite photographer we have loved covering are Eric Schwabel and Scott London. The project presented here is even more of a challenge than protecting your equipment from the playa dust with a digital camera, these captivating images were all captured with a lens-free pinhole camera! [Read more...]


Trippy Temple: Projection Visuals at Shambhala

Wednesday 08.28.2013 , Posted by


This Canadian temple stage, dubbed the Pagoda Stage, has a reputation for being a magnet for people who love to dance in furry animal hats, EL wire tutus and tight neon bodysuits. For one weekend in August every year, Shambhala festival unites bass heads who want to take in the sights and sounds of this crazy forest. The Pagoda Stage is famous for having mind-bending, transformative visuals, never looking like the same place twice.  [Read more...]


Think You’ve Seen Basket Weaving? This Russian Sculpture is 72-Feet-Tall

Tuesday 08.27.2013 , Posted by

Nikolay Polissky woven sculpture Beaubourg 1

Russian artist Nikolay Polissky recently completed a huge 72-foot-tall woven sculpture he’s calling Beaubourg. The beautifully sinuous piece looks a bit like Dr. Seuss took a course in weaving and never looked back. The 12 saxophone-esq sections are made from birch twigs and supported by an internal steel structure that conceals a spiraling staircase in the center. Even with the metal supporting elements, it’s striking to see such a lightweight structure of this size. [Read more...]


Countdown to India’s First Biennale of Art!

Friday 10.12.2012 , Posted by

Preparations are well under way for what will be India’s first Biennale of contemporary art: Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012. Kicking off on 12/12/12 and running for 3 months, the event looks to be a watershed moment in the artistic expression of the country; in fact, it will be the largest contemporary art event to ever take place in India. Already, a large selection of artists from India and around the world are working on projects for display at the event, which takes place in the historic city of Kochi, Muziris and the surrounding islands. [Read more...]


Beautiful Floating Lanterns in Thailand

Wednesday 11.24.2010 , Posted by

This weekend was the Yee Peng Floating Lantern Ceremony in northern Thailand, an event celebrating the Buddha. During the festivities, chanting monks and devotees release hundreds of white paper lanterns into the air, creating a magical, reverent atmosphere looking like a starry, jellyfish-filled sea. [Read more...]


Eclectic Method: Live Video Remixers

Wednesday 11.17.2010 , Posted by

Eclectic Method is a group of three video remix artists who do for motion pictures, music videos and video games what DJs do for beats. You can view their high-tech mash-ups online, on TV or at the club, which they have featured as promotional tools for global brands and artists.

An exhilarating live performance with an international scope, Eclectic Method has rocked over 350 gigs in over 100 Cities in 34 Countries on 6 continents. Be sure to check out the last video on this page to see the method behind this audio/visual madness and check out their site,, for upcoming live dates.
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Party On! Lightning in a Bottle 2011

Saturday 11.06.2010 , Posted by

Looking for a wild and inspiring festival? Look no further than the decade old, Lightning in a Bottle. Happening May 27th through 30th in Irvine, California, there will be fire dancers, circus shows, yoga, extravagant music performances and plenty of chances to dance your ass off. With an environmental policy of “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful,” it’s also a party you can go home feeling good about. See you there!

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