History’s Creative Thinkers in Humorous GIFs and Smart T-Shirts

The Strange Company GIFs 2

If you’re anything like me, you’re completely obsessed with the creative figures in history. You might find yourself thumbing through Da Vinci sketches late into the night, pondering how he imagined so many world changing ideas before they could even be realized. You might lose yourself for hours down a rabbit hole of Wikipedia exploration initiated by Isaac Asimov’s affinity for small spaces. That’s why I think this series of animated GIFs will not fail to amuse… nor will the exquisite series of T-shirts that inspired them.

22 Pictures of Famous People When They Were Young

We only find out about famous people when they get, well, famous… so it’s often surprising to see who they were before the spotlight hit. Here we bring you a collection of youthful photographs, capturing some of the most influential figures of the past century. There are revered leaders, infamous dictators, talented musicians and more – all before their unique abilities and upbringing made an impact on the world.

Visual Bits # 455 > Live Long & Prosper: Vintage Photos

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Visual Bits #361> Illustrating The Industry

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Unusual Glimpses: Famous People At Leisure

Whether it’s hamming it up with other stars, snapshots before they got big or just a insightful and revealing candid shot, this photographic sampling from the unique and addictive blog This Is Not Porn looks at the famous people we’ve known for years, but in a light we haven’t often witnessed. Not just a gallery of Hollywood stars, the photographs subjects range from loved authors, to painters and even scientists. Definitely worth a look.