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Lions and Foxes and Meerkats, Oh My! DIY Paper Sculptures of Geometric Animals

Thursday 11.06.2014 , Posted by
Wolfram Kampffmeyer DIY Paper Animal Sculptures 1

German artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer studies Computer Animation, but now his 3D creations are jumping out of the digital world. “If you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands,” he writes. So he created a colorful menagerie of faceted creatures that you can build yourself, with just a little craftiness and a glue stick (much like Steve Wintercroft did with his geometric paper masks or MostLikely did with lampshades). [Read more…]


Wood You Wear It? Geometric Clothing Made with Faceted Wood

Tuesday 03.18.2014 , Posted by
Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 3

Many of the fabrics we wear are made of large materials… from examples as different as fluffy cotton and long sticks of bamboo… preferably broken into very tiny pieces. But what about wearing your fiber in larger chunks? That’s a bit like what’s happening with this fashionable design collaboration employing faceted pieces of wood to form stylish men’s clothing. [Read more…]


Stark White Animal Sculptures Contrast With Nature

Wednesday 02.26.2014 , Posted by
Ben Foster Sculpture

In a stark white blend of digital and analogue, Ben Foster creates computer-like, faceted sculptures that live not on the screen, but in the physical world. From a howling dog, to a graceful horse and a seal, Foster welds his animal themed works from flat plates of metal, smoothing their seams and painting them bright white to reflect the changing gradations of daylight on each surface. [Read more…]


A Dreamy Digital Nature, Inspired by Childhood

Wednesday 07.24.2013 , Posted by

Robinsson Cravents Dreamy Nature 6

What if you stepped outside one day and the whole world had gone digital? That’s what it looks like from designer Robinsson Cravents’ new personal project, Nature Dreamy… a title that eludes to the chance we haven’t woken up at all. He’s created colorful 3D worlds atop neatly sliced rectangles of digital earth, featuring majestic and whimsical creatures from deer to squirrels. In one case we are treated to the presence of humans: a sky filled with hot air balloons. [Read more…]


Faceted Sculptures in the Urban World

Wednesday 05.15.2013 , Posted by

David Mesguich Faceted Sculptures 5

A gigantic face emerges from the pavement, its features faceted into sharp geometric forms, its color various shades of urban gray. With unseeing eyes cast upward towards the sky, it dwarfs passerby like a sleeping modern day giant born of the city. This is the work of Brussels based David Mesguich, an artist who has been working with polypropylene plastic to build impressive sculptural forms. His work blends the aesthetic of street art with that of the digital world, bringing something that appears computer generated to life before us. [Read more…]


Facetted Figure Illustrations by Giampaolo Miraglia

Friday 06.15.2012 , Posted by

When you think of facetted geometric works, “soft” is rarely the thought that follows. Rome based designer Giampaolo Miraglia however, manages to create illustrations with just the right mix of both – geometrically facetted and silky smooth. He does this using a combination of carefully chosen harmonious color pallets along with warn textures overlaying the entire scene… and what scenes they are. [Read more…]


Modern Faceted Vases Crafted by Hand-Built Machine

Tuesday 02.07.2012 , Posted by

These extremely beautiful, trendy and modern vases look so perfectly crafted it doesn’t seem like they could be hand-made, but in fact, each is a unique creation made on a purpose-built machine. Faceted designs are hugely popular right now, and these designs bring the form into being in an elegant, colorful and current fashion worthy of complimenting any modern interior. [Read more…]


Geometric Artwork From Moscow

Wednesday 01.26.2011 , Posted by

It would be easy to say that Moscow based artist, Aske, is a man of many facets… his artwork reflects that. With new geometric works that look almost as if they jumped off a computer screen from 1992, he is adding one more style to his already diverse catalog of visual themes.

Aske is the founder of SickSystems, originally concieved as a graffiti troupe consisting of three members. In recent years, being the most active member, he has converted the company into a personal project and expanded it’s scope to include projects in graphic design, illustration, typography and more. His clients have included such big name brands as Nike and Stussy.

Always looking to the next project and creating in the most diverse ways he can imagine, his motto is to “move forward and enjoy what he does.”
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