From Cute To Creepy, Elsa Rhae Uses Self-Applied Makeup to Become Wild Characters

Honestly, it’s wild what a lot of makeup can do. In the case of Elsa Rhae, she’s transforming herself into all kinds of iconic characters – from Captain Planet, to The Grinch who stole Christmas – but she doesn’t hold back on who she chooses to emulate. Some of her creations are really cute, while others are downright creepy – and I’m not even talking about her version of the Joker.

The Mysterious Life of the Double Faced Girl

Sebastian Bieniek Double Faced Girl 1

It’s a simple trick, but one that could leave you a little confused, intrigued and even a bit disturbed. Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek has been working on a series of photographs called Doublefaced, capturing the daily life of a two faced girl.

Halloween Inspiration: Obama “Hope” Poster

Here’s a pretty sweet costume for the Democratically inclined… a tribute to Shepard Fairey’s iconic Hope poster featuring Obama. Reddit user Juririm painted himself with uncanny skill, even including the background of the famous print. For the poster lovers here at Visual News, its costume perfection.

Reddit + Face Painting = Bizarrely Addictive Music Video

It’s a modern tale of love found through the internet. The story of a rock band who found a face painter and together created addictive, visual magic like we’ve never witnessed before.