Water Wigs: Bald Men Get a Splash of Hair

Tim Tadder is back with a new series of portraits… ones which continue his humorous yet absorbing obsession with water. Following up his previous series of portraits, Fish Heads, these examples reverse the process, elevating their watery elements rather than dunking the heads. Water Wigs sees bald men in a dynamic set of images, one which places exploding water balloons around their heads lit with a triad of brilliant colors. The incredible and arresting results give each man a momentary wig of translucent hair.

Boom! The Explosive Food Photography Of Alan Sailers

Who doesn’t get excitement out of explosions, especially when captured at a millionth of a second? Alan Sailer developed a fascination with high-speed flash photography in 2007 when he turned his basement in California into a shooting range for hundreds of inanimate objects. After a year of a very messy studio and blurred images, Sailer went in search for a much faster flash than the 1 to 3 milliseconds of light you get with the average camera flash. In 2008 he created a high speed air-gap flash based on a 1974 article in Scientific American… then his passion really started to explode.