When Were Words Popular? PopSci Archive Explorer

If you’ve ever wondered about the popularity of topics through time, this new interactive archive of Popular Science magazine is just the thing. With the help of a team at Google, the entire catalog of 1,563 Popular Science issues starting at the magazines inception in 1872 has been archived, creating a set of mineable data totaling 1.35-gigabytes. By using both a visual calendar and a circular animation of dates, users of the new Archive Explorer can see when words and terms were popular based on the number of times they appeared in that month issue. Especially interesting is observing when words like “internet” and “communist” came into use. Check it out for yourself at popsci.com

An Interactive Timeline of Browser History

This interactive graphic really takes me back to the early Netscape days; a time when internet speeds were a blazing 56k and streaming video was one frame a second… if you where lucky. The scrolling timeline allows you to take a trip through history, looking at the progression and style of each popular browser, from Mosaic to Chrome, along with a history of the technology and innovation that made it all possible. We’ve come a long way, and it will be fascinating to look back in another 18 years.