Stunning Moths and Butterflies Made with Textiles

North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita is creating stunning textile versions of butterflies and moths that are nearly realistic enough to fool the eye. She uses a combination of fabric, fake fur, embroidery thread, fabric paint, wire and feathers on her soft sculptures – many of which measure a full foot from wingtip to wingtip.

If Your Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany, Stay Classy With These Leather-Bound Books

Lovers of literature, rejoice! There is an Etsy store called Studio42Books where you can buy leather slip covers for your favorite novels. The artist behind the covers is photographer Alan Klem. He creates the cover designs on a computer, then sends the programs to a laser engraver to etch the images and cut the shape of the cover along with the rivet holes. Next he stains the pieces with leather stain and rivets it all together and voila, the perfect slip cover for display on your bookshelves. Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Klem started this project to pay the bills while he is getting his photography business off the ground, and learn his way around the laser engraver a little better.

Miniature Worlds in a Bubble: The Coolest Terrariums You’ve Ever Seen

Ever since watching ‘The Making of Star Wars’ in 2nd grade, Tony Larson has been captivated by fantasy set design. For fun, he creates terrariums that would up the coolness factor of any home or office. From famous landmarks like Stonehenge and Easter Island, to scenes from Star Wars and Jurassic Park, each miniature landscape is so meticulously decorated that you will wish you could swap places with the plastic figurines inside. Growing up in International Falls, MN, also known as the “icebox of the nation,” Larson turned to photography and crafting to keep warm and busy throughout the long winters. Aside from creating dioramas that put most peoples’ finest school projects to shame, Larson loves DJ’ing, Film Editing, Cinematography, Special FX, and Audio Production.

Fold Your Own: 3D Lampshade Animals in Paper

Wolfgang List DIY Paper Lampshades 7

For anyone who’s a fan of a little DIY, these lampshades will both warm your heart and brighten your home. Created by the duo Maik Parfahl and Wolfgang List of the interdisciplinary design/sound/architecture collective mostlikely, the collection features a managery of faceted animal heads you fold into 3D form yourself.

Star Wars Hoops: Not Your Grandmas Crafts

Let the Wookie Win! These great hoops from tumblr artist Chelsea Bloxsom are the perfect mix of kitch, geek and craft, all with a Star Wars creatures twist. You can order custom versions of these hoops from her on her Etsy page Love and a Sandwich, where she has a load of other cool creations… with an extra serving of fuzzy monsters.

What A Piece Of Junk! From Trash to Beautiful Paintings


A lot of the time you come across art that is junk, but here, Tom Deininger’s pieces prove that not all junk art is trash. When he opened his studio near Fall River, MA in 1999, Deininger began sculpting. Throughout the years he has collected anything the average person would throw away, considering it valuable art creating material, not junk at all. His vision for the discarded rubbish was something completely different: to create sculptures – very large, amazingly painterly masterpieces.


Do you have someone in your life who loves Star Wars? Are you looking for something new and amusing for a gift this year? Well, just in time for the holidays Etsy has prints available of some favorite Star Wars characters as little children!

Victorian Portraits Gone Wild

A hidden treasure trove of long lost imagery, recalling a past when man and beast lived peaceably together in fine victorian surroundings: maybe that is the Grand Ole Bestiary. Then again, it could be a stylish little shop over at Etsy that peddles a fine collection of anthropomorphic imagery custom made using photoshop and a lot of love. Swing by the shop, where you can get your own affordable print ($8-$20) to entertain guests at your next parlor room tea time

Star Wars Depicted with Traditional Mexican Art

Mis Nopales Art brings us a new representation of arguably the most loved saga of our time: Star Wars. Living in California, José Pulido makes prints of pop culture icons in a traditional Mexican style reminiscent of Dia de Los Muertos.

For many more examples or to purchase prints, visit his Etsy shop.