Skull Pyrography: Peter Deligdisch Decorates Animal Skulls with a Wood Burner

Peter Deligdisch Skull Pyrography 1

If his extensive Youtube channel is any indication, Peter Deligdisch has a major obsession with doodling using a wood burner. He’s used pyrography to etch his intricate designs into everything from wood rounds and phone cases, to skateboard decks and gun stocks. So, is it really surprising that when he found an old deer skull near his house, it had to go under the burner too? Deligdisch says he had to wear a protective glove, and turn his tool up all the way until the tip glowed red, in order to properly etch into the bone – and he even said it smelled really strange – but the results are remarkably beautiful.

Man Spends 6,000 Hours Engraving his Honda Civic

1 Shawn Lisjack

Often when we hear about etching a car’s paint it’s usually done with keys as the retaliation of an angry girlfriend for the lies or mistreatment of her ex-boyfriend, but Shawn Lisjack shows that carving can be much more artistic! The LA based artist, who calls his company Exotic Engravings has done work for high-paying clients like Jay Leno and the owner of the Lakers using all Dremel equipment. The Honda Civic pictured here took Lisjack 6,000 hours and is still incomplete!

Nature’s Canvas: Illustrations Etched Into Mushrooms

Cory Corcoran 1

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible medium for art, along comes Corey Corcoran who uses mushrooms as the canvas for his intricate drawings. The Boston-based artist etches imaginative scenes onto the surface of Ganoderma applanatum also known as Artist Conk mushrooms. As there is no erasing in this line of illustration, Corcoran must be very precise when he is engraving images into the mushrooms. Each specimen ranges in size from six inches to two feet and are mostly focused around plant life, insects, and people.