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How Much Does Solar Cost in Your State?

Wednesday 02.29.2012 , Posted by

Solar is a great way to get yourself free from the power grid and take control of your own energy generation, while also helping to drastically lower your impact on the environment. Solar panels last a long time too, once you’ve installed them, they often provide reliable power for well over 20 years, silently generating electricity with little to no maintenance. Sounds great! So why are people slow to implement this fantastic technology? The initial cost of solar is sometimes prohibitive for families, especially if their energy needs are high. This graphic by One Block Off the Grid, uses over 45,000 results from their online solar cost estimation tool to show what you can expect, on average, in your state. [Read more…]


Translucent Origami Of Endangered Sea Birds

Friday 02.24.2012 , Posted by

The skeletons of endangered birds and sea-life pop from flat sheets of paper into beautiful, eerie three-dimensional forms in Japanese designer Takayuki Hori’s series Oritsunagumono (things folded and connected). The pieces were his 1st place winning entry into the 2010 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award, in which student designers submit their senior thesis works to be judged by a group of artists, designers, professors and critics. [Read more…]


Greenpeace Pits David Against Earth Eating Goliaths

Tuesday 02.21.2012 , Posted by

Whether you love or hate the world environmental organization Greenpeace, they certainly do come up with some clever, attractive and maybe even effective advertising campaigns. Part of a new initiative, these beautiful black and white illustrations see a tiny, inflatable boat born figure battling against gigantic monster like environmental problems. The daunting manifestations of oil rigs, overfishing, deforestation and air pollution are all confronted by the activist David wielding a tiny slingshot… and from the story it’s based upon, we know he will be triumphant. [Read more…]


Freight Farms: Grow Fresh Food In Any Environment

Tuesday 12.06.2011 , Posted by

At the moment we face a food dilemma in western cultures: a society accustomed to the all-year availability of fresh produce and the rising cost of transport, both environmental and financial. Much of our fresh produce, especially in colder climates like the eastern United States, comes from far off places like southern California and Chile, traveling many freight miles before it reaches the market and finally our tables; but is there a better option for getting fresh cucumbers, peppers and lettuce in the winter? [Read more…]


The Flying Rhinos of South Africa

Wednesday 11.23.2011 , Posted by

When the WWF decided to start the seventh installment of their Black Rhino Range Expansion Project, they had a unique challenge transporting the critically endangered animals to their new expanded range. Because of extremely rough terrain between where the animal was captured and paved roads, off-road transportation by truck seemed too dangerous for the precious cargo. Instead, they decided to use a helicopter. Strapping webbing to each of the rhinoceros’ ankles, blindfolding and then tethering them to a hovering helicopter, the sleeping giants were airlifted the relatively short distance to waiting transport trucks for a smooth 1500km trip across the country to their new range. This beautiful film was created by Green Renaissance. Find more information about the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project at [Read more…]


The Timber Trade: Who is Supplying Our Wood?

Tuesday 08.23.2011 , Posted by

WWF International wants to point out that even in our modern world of plastics and metal, there are still a huge amount of products still made of “good, old-fashioned wood.” Countries like Brazil are quickly cutting down their valuable forests to supply an exploding world population hungry for everything from homes to broom sticks. This graphic details the five largest timber exporters and who is buying up their precious forests (all figures in global hectares). [Read more…]


Cool House, Fat Wallet

Monday 08.22.2011 , Posted by

Home solar power has many benefits that people can get behind, like keeping the world cleaner and being self-sufficient, but the price of solar panels is often far more than people can afford. One Block Off the Grid is an inspiring orgainization that specializes in organizing group deals on solar energy to help people go green. Here we bring you their interesting look at how solar can actually make sense financially, even while running the AC in the hot summer. Swing by One Block Off the Grid for more info. [Read more…]


How Collaborative Sharing Can Make You Money

Tuesday 07.12.2011 , Posted by

During these unstable economic times many people are realizing that they have far more “stuff” in their life than they actually need or regularly use. This beautiful graphic from the forward thinking folks at Collaborative Fund, looks at the many ways we can take those items and share them with our community… even making good money on them in the process! [Read more…]


A Billboard That Absorbs Air Pollution

Thursday 07.07.2011 , Posted by

The constant bombardment of advertising billboards clutter the public space with ads ranging from clever, exciting, forgettable and outright obnoxious. All in the endless crusade to grab the attention of the consumer, and help them part with their hard earned cash. Hardly ever do they contribute anything to enhance the visual landscape they occupy; but a new billboard in the Philippines is looking to change that. [Read more…]


The US’s First Packaging-Free Grocery Store

Tuesday 06.28.2011 , Posted by

Be it beans, granola or sometimes even tomatoes, it seems today that everything we eat is somehow wrapped in colorful packaging. In fact, packaging makes up 40 percent of municipal waste in the U.S alone. Now, In.gredients a grocery store opening in Austin, Texas is hoping to fix that problem by creating the country’s first packaging-free, zero-waste grocery store. By eliminating all packaging from their products In.gredients is hoping to create a waste-free model to follow and make a significant dent in the mountain of garbage created daily. [Read more…]

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