Pop-Up Restaurants: They’re Here to Stay

People are aware that the restaurant industry is massive — to the tune of $372 billion a year — but, what they may not be aware of is that a quarter of these restaurants fail within the first year, and 60% fail by their third year. This rate of failure has driven some cutting edge chefs and restaurant financiers to seek out new investment opportunities.  The pop-up restaurant trend was inspired by supper clubs, and first started in London in the mid-2000s as “happenings”. A cheaper investment upfront coupled with the opportunity for constant reinvention and chance-taking make pop-up restaurants ideal for restaurant financiers and chefs looking for a new investment.

The Founders Dictionary: Key Words For Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever hung out around Silicon Valley for a bit, you’ve probably overheard some interesting speak. It may have sounded business-esque in tone and delivery but were the words and their meanings completely foreign to you? Silicon Valley not only has its monopolizing share of start-ups and founders, it has its own lingo as well. While people in other parts of the country — New York, Boston, LA, and Austin — may be familiar with these terms, the Valley is still home to some of the most outrageously butchered start-up buzzwords.

NYC vs. SF: The Cost of Operating a Business

If you plan on starting a tech company, is San Francisco the best option? What about a high-fashion shoe company? New York, home to more fashion shows than any other US city could be the logical choice. But what about the cost of operating that business?

While these two hubs of creativity may be some of the most inspiring locals in the US, the cost of living and working in them can also be the most expensive. This slick graphic by the talented people at Focus.com compares the two metro areas and helps us come to a financially smart conclusion in this tough decision.