Wrap Yourself in Nature: Virginia Lee’s Enchanting Illustrations

English artist Virginia Lee imagines a world filled with the surreal and fantastical. Her illustrations often feature magical landscapes so welcoming the inhabitants can wrap the earth around themselves like a warm blanket. If you’ve ever been enchanted by the quiet woods on a long walk, you know how the world can envelop you in this way.

Decorating Nature: An Alternate, Painterly World

fig. 56- not normally associated with seasonal transformations, some stream-side stones actually will begin to pixellate in late autumn:early winter

People often talk about nature ‘decorating’ itself as the seasons change: leaves change colors in the fall, the world turns white in the winter, and things green back up in the spring. But what if nature actually did decorate itself in an artistic fashion? Artist Norm Magnusson has been experimenting with that idea, painting objects he finds in the natural world and through that creating something highly imaginative and fantastic.

Smart Editorial Illustrations from John Holcroft

John Holcroft Illustrations 13-1

There’s just one word for the illustrations of John Holcroft: smart. In his work metaphor abounds and humorous juxtaposition is rampant. We see business men sucking the teat of the piggy bank, a literal trap of love, and just what it feels to be on the London Underground. With such imaginative interpretations of everyday life, it’s no wonder he’s worked with such clients as the BBC, Financial Times and The Guardian.

The History Of English In 10 Minutes

Did you know that Shakespeare alone contributed more than 2000 new words to the English language? How about that the words cow, sheep and swine, come from English farmers while their culinary versions, beef, mutton and pork, come from French? With its many borrowed and newly invented words, the English language is one that continues to adapt to a changing world. This witty 10 minute animation (in 10 parts) looks at some of the diverse history surrounding the popular language.

Flowing Sculptures Made With Feathers

Entering rooms like flowing rivers of extruded avian life, Kate MccGwire uses delicate bird feathers to create sculptures that look magically alive. To make her pieces, she uses donated or locally sourced wing feathers from birds as different as pigeons and peacocks. Her pieces occupy still spaces, bringing them a quiet and alien sense of motion. See her latest works at katemccgwire.com.

The Language of Four Beautiful Cities

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing, this quartet of beautifully produced commercials are almost too seductive to be considered ad material… but that makes them more perfect still. Each film follows a hopeful traveler finding their way about the city, meeting new friends and enjoying the sights. The over exposed images are overlayed with crisp motion graphic typography that describes the scene in local tongue. The effect is elegant, educational and moving.

Visualizing the Egypt Influence Network

“Egypt is the crystal ball in which the Arab world sees its future,” says Kovas Boguta, creator of this infographic analyzing Twitter communication surrounding the unrest in Egypt. The map is arranged to place individual Twitter users close to the people with which they communicate. The red and blue dots represent which language users choose to communicate with, English or Arabic (a choice that itself can be meaningful). The size of the dots represent the individuals relative influence on the social network as a whole.