Wyoming Ranks as Highest Energy Consuming State in America [DATA VISUALIZATION]


As temperatures rise during summer months across the U.S., so does energy consumption and, especially, energy bills. A hot summer day in many U.S. states can be downright brutal, and most are forced to resort to fans and air conditioners to keep cool from day into the night. According to data from the National Climatic Data Center, 87 percent of all American homes – almost 100 million – are equipped with AC appliances, costing homeowners more than $11 billion annually.

Tracking Energy Consumption For Each Building in NYC

Just how much does energy does that building across the way use? Unless a buildings lights are on all night, every night, it’s probably hard to see just how much it consumes. For the lucky residents of the Big Apple, however, a new and fascinating map has appeared on the web to help solve the mystery. From the Flat Iron building to individual buildings in Crown Heights, the map takes an astoundingly detailed look at each and every block in the five boroughs, giving it an energy consumption estimate. Not surprisingly, the gleaming Manhattan skyline easily tops the list as the biggest energy hog.