Between: Beautifully Braided Books


We’ve seen amazing book carvings by Emma Taylor, Kylie Stillman, Frank Halmans, and Guy Laramee but now comes a series of book art that’s only temporary: book braiding. Math Monahan braids the pages of a book, similar to the way a french braid is done, adding a few more pages to each group as it gets folded into the braid. The result is an awesomely clean looking design that unfolds itself over time. One of his circular installations is in the Penny Stamps Graduate Studio and the other in the Hatcher Graduate library of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he is currently working toward a Master of Fine Arts. Ironically the one in the library unbraided more, which Math hypothesizes is so that the books could be closer to the other books surrounding them!

Wikipedia Redefined and Redesigned

Wikipedia: it’s the new standard for what an encyclopedia should be: constantly evolving and up to date, editable by the people who often know best (us), available to just about everyone with a computer, and readable in just about every language. The website has literally changed the way the world looks at reliable, open-source information. But, for all its outstanding qualities, it’s seriously lacking in one important aspect: design.

Wikipedia Infographic Video

Narrated by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, the infographic video above is called The State of Wikipedia and tells the story of the online encyclopedia’s history. It was created by JESS3 and celebrates Wikipedia’s wins, and where it will need help in the future, both in terms of editors, entry contributors, and financial donors to the Wikimedia Foundation.

We wrote up our own Happy Birthday Wikipedia tribute post earlier this week complete with a juicy infographic on Wikipedia that includes Wikipedia’s user demographics, distribution and overall growth.

Happy Birthday! Wikipedia Turns 10

Wikipedia, the user created Encyclopedia Brittanica for the modern era, just turned 10 years old on January 15th. To mark this informational milestone, we created an infographic detailing the current state of this much loved and resourced website, using stats from Pew Research and Wikipedia itself. Read, learn and enjoy!