Large Scale Life-Sized Elephant Created From a Single 50 x 50 Ft Piece of Paper

At age 5, Sipho Mabona created his very first paper airplane. By the time he was 20, when he had run out of designs for paper airplanes, he looked to origami to help him visualize more original designs. Now, based in Luzern, Switzerland, Mabona creates beautiful origami designs that have won him many awards and much praise. With the help of a team of 10 people financed by an Indiegogo campaign for $26,000, he was able to turn a single 50 x 50 ft piece of paper into a life-size origami elephant.

Stunning African Wildlife in Ink, Charcoal, & Oil

Elephant profile - Imgur

Born and raised in Africa, Lucas Grant has always felt a magnetism toward animals. This is completely obvious in each one of his stunning photorealistic renditions of some of the most beautiful creatures walking the Earth. Understanding the way the animals exist in their natural habitat, he uses ink, charcoal, and oil to capture the true essence of each one. Aside from the gorgeous creatures themselves, he is inspired by Nick Brandt, whom Grant claims “is possibly the greatest wildlife photographer/artist of all time.”

Exotic Animals In Beautiful Indian Palaces

Karen Knorr 1

From the time of her life changing journey to Rajasthan, India in 2008 until now, photographer Karen Knorr’s work has shifted from playful themes of power towards the upper caste systems in Northern India. She explores “Rajput and Mughal cultural heritage and its relationship to questions of feminine subjectivity and animality.” The series, called India Song, features gorgeous animals in some of the most elegant rooms of palaces, mausoleums , temples and holy sites throughout Rajasthan. The architecture itself is strikingly detailed and often vibrant, but the with the contrast of live exotic animals, the scenes become breathtaking.

Elephants: An Enormous Carbon Pencil Mural

Upon first looking at this impressive mural, one might think that it was created with paint, but this highly detailed piece was done entirely in carbon pencil. Adonna Khare created a whimsical world where animals live in harmony around 5 happy elephants. From afar it is easy to see the elephants, gorillas, and chimps, but upon closer examination, miniature versions of many other animals can be seen. Khare’s mural looks like a page out of an I SPY book where the longer you look at it the more you will discover.