The Art of Fried Eggs: An Awesomely Delicious Typography Project


This amazing set of lettering by creative team Handmade Font combines two of my favorite things: typography and breakfast! The project involved “1,000 eggs, 10 pans, 5 burned fingers, 3 hours, 1 bottle of oil and a half of flat smelling like perfect and brand new Eggs font.” Based in Estonia, the team took high-resolution photos of sunny-side-up eggs in the shape of every letter and symbol you could ever want! Purchasing this set is so easy, it’s over-easy, but I guarantee when you check out their site you’ll have more than just Eggs type in your shopping basket.

Fine Victorian Lace: Delicate Carvings in Eggshells

Carved Eggshells Beth Ann Magnuson 2

Looking like fine victorian lace, the carved eggs created by Beth Ann Magnuson are the definition of the word delicate. On each shell she free-hand draws the final patterns she envisions carved into the egg. She then empties the content of the shell through a small hole. The true magic begins as she removes each tiny shape using a fine rotary cutting tool.

Vitamins vs. Eggs: Anemia in China

Chinese student eats an egg

China’s answer to anemia in rural regions has been to feed children eggs. Work by U.S. researchers suggests vitamins may work better. Above, a fourth-grader in rural Gao Lou eats a hardboiled egg. Government officials began feeding kids eggs in this poor, rural area after Stanford researchers found high rates of anemia among schoolchildren. The academics are now studying the effectiveness of the egg program.