Strap on Those Feet and Let’s Go Trekking! Bizarre Photo Manipulations Bend Reality

Hugh Kretschmer photo manipulations 1

Strap on those feet and let’s go trekking! What at first seems impossible, quickly becomes easy in Hugh Kretschmer’s bizarre photo manipulations. Feet grow laces like a pair of hiking boots, as do a pair of fist like boxing gloves; star shaped cookies become throwing stars, deeply embedded in a paper target; and auto mechanics become tools just like everything else hanging from the wall.

Inadvertent Haiku: News in 17 Syllables

There have been many clever ways of portraying current news, but this one deserves some attention. As an ongoing collaboration project created by Koseli Cummings of K&©, he created Inadvertent Haiku. Each entry is a summation of current affairs in just 17 syllables, in a style they refer to as, “kind of a Félix Fénéon meets Auto-Tune the News.” To make the project even better they often marry those haikus with editorial illustrations done by a list of talented illustrators.

Migy’s Lyrical Works

Sometimes an illustration is so bold and eye-catching that you can’t help but want to stare and discover new things within it. This is how it is with the work of independent illustrator, hand letterer and animator Miguel Ornia-Blanco, or Migy as he is better known. Migy’s work is fun and lighthearted, full of colorful scenes and environments with lyrical characters.  His wonderful, hand-drawn typography is incorporated seamlessly with hand-drawn illustrations. Each piece is active and full of expressive movement that make you keep looking to see what you may discover next.

A Photographic Alphabet Around the House

Sure to please the typographer and photographer in all of us, Vienna born still-life photographer Bela Borsodi makes incredibly accurate letters from household items – very carefully arranged. Created for WAD Magazine #39, his photographs capture the objects in their 3D space, flattening their contrasting outlines to such an extent that it becomes difficult to separate letter from room. You can find more of Borsodi’s extensive editorial, advertising and film work at

Craig & Karl: A Designer Duo Across The World

There’s something special about the design duo of Craig Redman and Karl Maier — and its not just about how staggeringly awesome their design work is — its that they live on opposite sides of the world from each other, but collaborate daily. The advent of the internet and the ease of connecting people from across the world have helped Craig in NYC and Karl in Sydney, Australia to create “bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way.”