Hidden Surprises in Garcia Lam’s Clever Illustrations

Gracia Lam Illustrations 16Gracia Lam Illustrations 15

With a passion aimed at reinventing “everyday objects and mundane environments” it’s surprising that these illustrations are so interesting… but look closely and each one has a rewarding surprise. Garcia Lam is the smart illustrator behind these smart illustrations, taking often quiet situations and breathing new life into them. Her recent illustrations for the Victoria Symphony’s 2013/2014 lineup (shown above) are just one outstanding example of how she often combines dissimilar objects to create something alive and new.

Smart Environmental Illustrations by Yuko Shimizu

With Superstorm Sandy still a recent memory, New York-based editorial illustrator extraordinaire Yuko Shimizu has recently put together a portfolio of her environmentally themed works. We’ve got to confess a strong affection for her incredible illustrative stylings, and when applied to something as vital as the environment, we’re in love. The flowing lines of her work lend themselves well to the inviting curves of the natural world and the very elements we so badly need to protect. These illustrations featured in articles ranging in topic from sustainable eating and deforestation, to oil drilling and environmentally friendly cars.

Julien Pacaud Welcomes You to the Future, Yesterday!

Julien Pacaud Art and Illustration 1

Taking his digital scalpel and slicing into the past, French artist/illustrator Julien Pacaud rearranges history in what can be simultaneously realistic and surreal terms. His work, full of retro characters from the 20th century, sees our world remixed into technicolor landscapes on a grand scale of time and measurement. Here is a place where our past utopian dreams are played out in farcical fashion, laying open the soul of our society and cleverly pointing out our strengths and shortcomings.

A Brief History of Illustration

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As the world becomes increasingly more digital and photography makes up the majority of print, the field of illustration is becoming highly competitive and the creativity in the field is climbing to new heights. Editorial illustrator Yuko Shimizu’s motto is, “If I come up with an idea that would look better as a photo, then my idea is not good.” Illustrations have the power to be more captivating than a photograph because they have no bounds; an artist can express so much in a drawing and we have seen that first hand. In this short video by PBS, some of the top illustrators- Steve Garnaccia, Yuko Shimizu, Sean Murphy, and Molly Crabapple discuss why they love illustration and what it has become.

Smart Editorial Illustrations from John Holcroft

John Holcroft Illustrations 13-1

There’s just one word for the illustrations of John Holcroft: smart. In his work metaphor abounds and humorous juxtaposition is rampant. We see business men sucking the teat of the piggy bank, a literal trap of love, and just what it feels to be on the London Underground. With such imaginative interpretations of everyday life, it’s no wonder he’s worked with such clients as the BBC, Financial Times and The Guardian.

See Scotty Draw: Illustrations for the New Century

How can you not stop to admire Scotty’s colorful, mid-century inspired illustrations? It is abundantly apparent that after seeing his craftily arranged illustration scenes, he also has a solid understanding of design principles. The illustrations are full of carefully planned negative spaces and shapes which give each a balanced texture. Scotty Reifsnyder has an ever-growing portfolio of work in a style he coined: New Century. His background and schooling, both in design and illustration, has made his art win numerous awards, features, and a long line of clients. I was privileged enough to ask him a few questions about his work and aspirations as an artist. Below is our interview:

Retro Twist: Owen Gatley’s Editorial Illustrations

Owen Gatley is making all of the right strokes with his hand-drawn vintage illustration style. Gately’s vintage style is reminiscent of something you would see in an old children’s book, with the soft pencil strokes and shading that add a lot of depth and life to his scenes. It’s always nice to see artists adding craft back into their work, which he does splendidly through mainly using hand drawn illustration. The use of bright, often primary colors teamed with conceptual images, makes his environments fun and engaging… with just the right amount of detail.