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Safe Stoves for All: Cook Up Some Love this Valentines

Cooking Up Love 1

We in the western world take healthy cooking completely for granted. You turn the knob on your stove and magically gas or electricity heats the food before you. Many people in the world aren’t that lucky however: much of the worlds population still use indoor wood stoves of questionable design. They pump smoke into the surrounding air, use many more trees than necessary and eat up the income of people already living on the edge. Now, the organization Enlace is working to bring smart and simple eco-stove designs to the people of the world, beginning their life saving mission in El Salvador. They call the project Cooking Up Love.

Organic Art: Houses Woven with Sticks

For the past 25 years, Pacific northwest artist Patrick Dougherty has been creating beautiful, biologically based sculptures out of an unusual material: the twigs and branches of saplings. His gracefully curving architectural forms organically merge with their surroundings, opening their large doors and windows to explorative passerby. The fragile looking pieces appear both as if they are rooted in the ground and floating above it… only when venturing close do you see their woven, basket-like strength.

Outdoor Education in a Bamboo Forest

Spiralling bamboo architecture, open air classrooms and lessons in sustainable agriculture are just a few of the elements that make Green School a visionary establishment that promises to inspire the way we teach in the future. While in Bali this January, I had the fortunate opportunity to tour the eco institute, which I had heard about through John Hardy’s TED Talk (see below). Exploring the grounds in person was incredible. I was blown away by his vision and more importantly, by his ability to transform his daring dream into reality.