Bites For Busy Bodies

We all know that gorging on chocolate bars, Mountain Dew and Tapatio flavored Doritos aren’t the best snack options for us, but snacking doesn’t fully deserve the bad rap those delicious — but totally unhealthy — snacks named above are giving it. A busy lifestyle has come to define American culture and our collective eating habits and, as we snack more today than ever before, we need to start making the right choices to keep our energy level up throughout the day.

GMO’s: It’s Hard To Find Real Food

You’ve seen it in films like Food Inc., King Corn and The World According to Monsanto: an estimated 70% of food sold in the supermarket contains genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). GMO foods are found in most corn, potato, soy and sugar products, which in the western diet accounts for most of our food intake. This graphic by Column Five for Ecomom looks at the many hidden places you find GMO foods and the health risks involved. You can catch a free viewing of The World According to Monsanto here.