How Have We Changed? The Same Locations Filmed 100-Years-Later

A lot of the world has changed in the past 100 years, but a lot has stayed the same too. Dutch photographer Frits de Beer has re-shot the locations of a vintage film featuring his home city, Alkmaar as it appeared a century ago in 1914. This simultaneous glimpse at the past and present reveals just how much things have remained the same for certain places in the world – especially when it comes to architecture.

Tineke Meirink Makes The World A More Enjoyable Place

Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink sees the world a little differently. To her, it’s a place filled with fun characters playing around in industrial vents, popping out of bicycle lights and sitting on top of buildings. In her series Stop:Watch, she digitally illustrates on top of photographs, making her reality visible for all of us and giving the world a lot more charm in the process.

This Small Cabin Looks Like a Stack of Wood

Mobiles Blockhaus-Buero | log house office on wheels

From across a snowy field it just looks like a perfect stack of firewood, but don’t light those logs on fire. It’s actually a small cabin designed by Piet Hein Eek for Dutch pianist and comedian Hans Liberg (the fellow in the pictures). With an exterior made of round wood ends and an interior of wood and plastic on a steel frame, its a uniquely camouflaged building that could easily be overlooked – that is, until its sweeping panoramic windows are opened.

A Bizarre World of Morphing Forms

Redmer Hoekstra Drawings 9

It’s a strange world where, from one moment to the next, nothing familiar is quite as it seems. Warm handshakes turn into mingling horses before our eyes; slicing into a frosted cake is shockingly like slicing into a brain; and what appears to be a sailing ship from above, is actually a stout rhinoceros down below. Some are amusing combinations and others will disturb, but each of these fanciful drawings are fascinating to explore and decipher.

Albania: A Bunker for Every 4 People

From the series "Concresco" by David Galjaard

Although it was chosen as the No.1 Destination in Lonely Planet’s list of ten top countries to visit for 2011, Albania is still a country unexplored and unknown to most. The small coastal nation, wedged between Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece, was once home to a long-running government overseen by Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha. When Dutch photographer David Galjaard recently visited the country, he created Concresco, a series based on one of the lasting reminders of that regime – over 750,000 cement bunkers.

Smart Highways: Safer Roads Coming Next Year

For anyone who has had the pleasure of driving through a seasonally cold area in the hot summer time, you were probably treated to one of the funny anomolies of such areas: road signs warning of icing on a hot day. It might be a scorcher outside, but that sign is still warning every car going by to watch out on the next curve… it could be icy ahead. Now, as part of the first prototypes for his ‘Smart Highway‘ project, Dutch designer and innovator Daan Roosegaarde has come up with an interesting solution for alerting drivers of a cold road – and it’s far smarter than the signs of the past.

Iceman Wim Hof: Master of Tummo Tantra

:INCREDIBLE HUMAN SERIES: click here to see the complete series


Wim Hof has truly earned himself the nickname of “Iceman.” The Dutch world record holder now possesses 18 world records, one of which is the longest ice bath. Doctors have studied his incredible ability to control his body temperature, using the Tantric practice of Tummo, which Hof claims allows him to turn up his own body temperature using just his brain. In addition to his world record setting feat of remaining for 1 hour and nearly 15 minutes in an ice bath, he has also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in two days with nothing but a pair of shorts and completed a full marathon above the arctic circle, again with nothing but shorts. His icy marathon took him a total of just 5 hours and 25 minutes. Still not impressed? In 2007, Hof attempted to climb Mt. Everest in his shorts. He did not make it to the top because of a foot injury, but he did not stop because he was too cold.

Naturally Forming Furniture with Gravity and Magnets

These wild stools may look like mushrooms from another dimension, yet they actually find their unique shape from the cooperating earthly forces of magnetism and gravity. Created by Dutch artist Jólan van der Wiel, his Gravity Stools have just won him a 1st Prize Interior Innovation Award for Young Talent from imm Cologne.

Amsterdam’s Witkar: The First Car Sharing?

If you thought the concept of car-sharing was only a recent notion, think again. Looking like little Pope-mobiles, these classic electric autos from Amsterdam where not the car for those who suffer from scopophobia (the fear of being seen), but they did pioneer the idea of a technology based car sharing system. All the components of a modern system are there: a very clever docking and recharging system, card and computer control of vehicle access with the member entering their PIN number on a rotary phone. Rates were reasonable: about 3.5¢ US per minute.

Whimsical Sketches Inspire: Posters to Sneakers

Here are some bold designs by the prolific and varied Dutch artist going by the name, Parra. With works that often start off as simple drawings, made with cheap drawing utensils on regular pads of paper, Parra creates images and characters that are comical, bizzare and often erotic. In recent years he has teamed up with product designers to release his own clothing line, tables, skateboard decks and sculptures, all with his unique touch. See his work at or see it all over the people and shops of Amsterdam.