Seriously Cool Refrigerator Art

2  Fridge Art by Charlie Layton

I wish I could have a T-shirt of every one of these rad designs by Charlie Layton. On his Tumblr, Freezer Friday, he spoils us with a new, brilliant image that he sketches on his trusty Kenmore icebox with a “pterrific” pterodactyl magnet. In just 25 minutes, the Philadelphia based freelance designer transforms his refrigerator into art. The fridge and freezer have a dry erase surface and with his black expo markers and clever mind he brings a little life to his kitchen. I’m obsessed with the lead here: Bob Ross painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of himself, painting a picture of a penis. Why has this never been done before?

Why We Always Have Room For Pie on Thanksgiving

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how stuffed we are, there’s always room for dessert? AsapSCIENCE breaks it down for us in this educational, yet fun Dry Erase Board Mini-Lesson. It’s so simple, an elementary student could understand it. But even with this understanding, I still fully intend to stuff myself with Tofurkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing until I can’t breathe on Thanksgiving and follow that with vegan pumpkin pie and a nap. I don’t want to disappoint the Pilgrims and Native Americans who established this special day of gluttony.

Facebook Email: Clearly a Good Choice

The news has already broken about the new and revolutionary Facebook email, aka Messages, but the other day I saw a tweet from Randi Zuckerberg that mentioned a superb video she worked on. It breaks down how this new system will simplify our daily communication, making it quicker and more direct… and it will do so in style.
Paul Caridad, Visual News Contributor

To check out the new system by becoming a beta tester, go to this page on Facebook.