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A Drone Captures the Haunting Beauty of Abandoned Chernobyl

Tuesday 12.02.2014 , Posted by
Postcards from Pripyat

It’s been nearly 30 years since the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, but much of the area remains the same as the day it was abandoned. Danny Cooke traveled to the site earlier this year while on assignment with CBS News for an episode of ‘60 Minutes.’ Armed with a dosimeter geiger counter, his SLR and a GoPro mounted on a drone, he explored the surrounding area including the abandoned town of Pripyat, and filmed its unreachable locations like never before. His film is called “Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl”. [Read more…]


This Drone Flew So Close to a Volcano, The Camera Melted

Thursday 10.02.2014 , Posted by

volcano 2

Not long ago, getting close-up footage of a volcano’s fiery caldera meant donning a silver heat protective suit and risking your life. Now, it only risks your gear. Drone company DJI recently sent their team to Iceland, along with director of aerial imaging, Eric Cheng. There he flew one of their Phantom 2’s so close to the erupting volcano Bardarbunga that the front of the camera melted. [Read more…]


A Wearable Drone that Flies Off Your Wrist, Snaps a Photo and Flies Back

Friday 09.26.2014 , Posted by
Nixie wearable drone camera 3

It sounds so bizarre. Why in the world would you want a drone with a camera strapped to your wrist? Then you watch the video below and… Aha!… it’s completely brilliant. Nixie is a concept for a wearable camera that pops off your wrist, turns into a quadcopter drone, and takes video or snaps pictures of you from the air. Put it in “boomerang” mode and it flies right back. Very cool. [Read more…]


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Drone Attacks Interactive

Saturday 03.30.2013 , Posted by

Out of Sight Out of Mind - Pakastan Drone Attacks Interactive 2

The US has been waging war in the middle east for over 10 years now, making the combination of conflicts in the region the second longest war in our history. This is due, in part, to something new to our war making stategy: drone attacks. These non-manned flying machines allow the government to wage war without the risk of losing American military, while at the same time lowering the financial cost to wage such a conflict due to fewer deployed soldiers. Their are hidden costs to these tactics however, as this shockingly affective interactive graphic from Pitch Interactive makes abundantly clear. [Read more…]


Quadcopter Captures the Essence of Detroit

Wednesday 07.18.2012 , Posted by

When we hear about Detroit in the media, it’s about the deterioration of the city that was once a key player in “the American Dream.” The city that once created thousands of jobs with its thriving automobile industry has lost many of those positions to the factories overseas. Now when Detroit is mentioned, we hear mostly about the foreclosures and the violence. Set to the soundtrack of Ruby Frost & Mt. Eden’s “Oh That I Had,” this video shows this and another side of the Motor City. Shot with a GoPro on a Scarab QUAD X Stealth-FPV Reconn – ARF Electronica – Quadcopter, it shows the desolation as the view dives in and out of abandoned factories and buildings, yet it also gives a sense of hope with the verdant natural beauty and the resilient skyline. [Read more…]