This Billboard Features Digital Parking Helpers

Squeezing your car into a tight parallel parking spot is never easy, but if you have help it’s a whole lot better. Fiat took that idea pretty far with a new ad campaign created by Leo Burnett Germany. Using a digital screen and a series of very helpful actors, they used custom software and a set of sensors to measure the distance behind a driver’s rear bumper. They then synchronized the images of the actors to neatly guide them into the spot.

7 in 10 People Use Their Smartphones While They Drive… And They Aren’t Just Texting

Think the person in the car next to you is just texting on their phone? Think again. Despite many laws forbidding the use of phones while driving, a new poll from AT&T and Braun Research has revealed that people are doing far more than just texting while behind the wheel.

The poll found that 7-in-10 drivers use their phone while behind the wheel, but even worse, more than 1-in-4 drivers were surfing the web, and 1-in-10 have been video chatting.

Gerry Judah Creates Monumental Car Sculptures for Goodwood Festival of Speed

Each year since 1997, London-based artist and designer Gerry Judah has created a stunning centerpiece for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in southern England. His towering sculptures are monuments to the history and thrill of motor sports, and a dazzling treat for the eye. This year he’s really outdone himself.

The Radiating Beauty of Wheel Icicles

In the frigid lands of the great white north, when the temperatures are just the right kind of cold, strange things can happen on the roads. No, I’m not talking about sliding into giant snow drifts, or even driving on a frozen lake… I’m talking about the beautiful phenomenon of wheel icicles.

Formula 1 2013 Season At A Glance


Formula 1 racing is one of the biggest sports in the world behind soccer, and it’s also one of the most thrilling. Cars zoom down straightaways at speeds up to 200 mph (320 km), slow and accelerate out of corners, and tweak their way through impossible hairpin turns. These frequent cliff hanging race moments are what make the sport so spectacular. This year the anticipation of time trials, pole position, and insane passes is starting to build to a crescendo that will climax on 15 March in Australia. This graphic features the Formula 1 2013 season at a glance.

Smart Highways: Safer Roads Coming Next Year

For anyone who has had the pleasure of driving through a seasonally cold area in the hot summer time, you were probably treated to one of the funny anomolies of such areas: road signs warning of icing on a hot day. It might be a scorcher outside, but that sign is still warning every car going by to watch out on the next curve… it could be icy ahead. Now, as part of the first prototypes for his ‘Smart Highway‘ project, Dutch designer and innovator Daan Roosegaarde has come up with an interesting solution for alerting drivers of a cold road – and it’s far smarter than the signs of the past.

25 Funniest Vanity Plates

Some people just can’t seem to get enough of themselves. In order to accommodate for these overconfident citizens many governments will allow you to plaster your name on your license plate rather than just have a random combination of numbers and letters. Luckily for us however, it’s not just the braggarts that take advantage of this service but the comedians as well. So next time you take a drive, keep your eyes peeled because you might spot one of these 25 funniest vanity plates.

Driving Dangerously: It’s All Buckle, No Belt, In China.

Driving without a seat belt is common in China. So common in fact, they have a work-around for the annoying beeping sound cars make when you don’t buckle up. Simply insert Mickey, Hello Kitty, or a rhinestone studded gun to fool your car. Sold on sites like Taobao (China’s equivalent to eBay) with headings such as “These items may be removed at any time! Order Soon!”

Eyeing Justice: Social Justice in Saudi Arabia

Social justice is brewing in Saudi Arabia. With the recent news that Saudi women may get the right to vote and with the sentence of lashing for the act of driving being revoked by King Abdullah, I thought a piece regarding women’s rights in Saudi Arabia would be pertinent. Titled, Eyeing Justice, the woman in the piece has the reflection of the scales of justice in her eyes.

Gas Guzzlers: What City Spends The Most on Fuel?

Nearly everyone in the U.S. spends a large amount of time getting from here to there, but what fuels this transportation habit? Not just fuel, but cold hard cash. This graphic looks at both high and low spending in cities around the states, based upon user data from the excellent banking website (where they found that the average user spends $177 per month on fuel). Is anyone else surprised to find Los Angeles so low on the list?