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Paintings of Splendid Cities Defying Gravity

Sunday 03.30.2014 , Posted by

Lithuanian artist Vytautas Laisonas is creating cities that defy gravity. Whether they are floating orbs made of conglomerate european villages, or tall towers built by the same brave architects, each of Laisonas’ works are lifted high by their fanciful reflection of a particularly keen imagination. [Read more…]


Dream Diary: Unsettling Images from a Slumbering Mind

Friday 04.13.2012 , Posted by

Alright, I just posted about an app that can control your dreams, but these dream themed illustrations were just too cool to pass up. To me they look a lot like the drawings you’d find in a home improvement book about tile and masonry work or something titled “101 House Cleaning Tips Your Mom Never Told You”… only these images have a unnervingly surreal subject matter that takes them in a completely different direction. [Read more…]


Ethereal Dreams: Paintings by Justin Lovato

Tuesday 11.08.2011 , Posted by

Justin Lovato’s paintings reside within the primordial ooze of dreams, which see his subjects always shifting, always changing. A working artist from Sacramento he finds himself currently residing in Berkley, California. Of his latest show This Too Shall Pass he waxes poetic: “The temporary nature of all things seen, a certainty among an environment of discord and antagonistic uncertainty on the great blue dot, earth [Read more…]


A 16 Year Old’s Surreal Photo Manipulations

Tuesday 08.02.2011 , Posted by

Hailing from Duisburg, Germany, 16 year old photoshop prodigy Phillip Schumacher creates some truly outstanding surreal works featuring himself and his friends. The images take us on a journey into his realm of youthful fantasy where dinosaur skeletons come to life and cosmic bodies visit in the night. The combination of his honed photo manipulation skills, along with perfect composition and acting/posing really set each one of these images apart. See more of this talented fellow’s art on flickr and be sure to check back often because we’re sure he’s going places. [Read more…]


Floating Dream Worlds: Utopian and Haunting

Saturday 01.15.2011 , Posted by

Interested in concept-art, graphic novels and animated movies from a young age, Saint-Petersburg based artist Alex Andreyev makes dreamlike paintings both nightmarish and utopian. Interestingly he has used everything from traditional ink and paint to Photoshop and managed to keep his style consistent along the way. This is possible, he says, by limiting his digital tools to a simple set of brushes. [Read more…]


Dreamlike Collage Landscapes

Thursday 12.02.2010 , Posted by

Creating collage landscapes using a plethora of techniques, artist Adam Friedman creates dream world masterpieces. To bring his works into the world he uses everything from acrylic painting to screen printing to gel transfers. His creations mix linear elements with organic shapes and often slightly askew symmetry to manifest what sometimes appear to be worlds overlapping like Russian dolls. For more on his excellent work, check out his site,

[Read more…]