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Vintage Toys Illustrated: Strange Figures Come Alive


When you think about how many millions of Happy Meals have been sold since their beginning in 1979, there are a lot of worthless little plastic figurines out there- not to mention the ones that people have bought their children from toy stores and dollar stores. But why should these colored plastic characters be forgotten? Enter KARATOYS- the Tumblr that resurrects old toys and brings them to life by illustrating them into new poses. From Ronald McDonald appearing to be resurrected with a bird costume to an angry donut in army gear, the gallery will not fail to amuse you.

Incredibly Detailed Bic Pen Drawings

1 Erik de Haan

With his trusty blue bic pen, Erik de Haan creates intricate drawings- many of which become tattoos. The 38 year old artist from the Netherlands has been drawing for as long as he can remember, but after his travels around the world- to Central America, Meico, Thailand and Laos- are constantly impacting his approach to art. Thailand particularly left a lasting impression on his style and he returned several times, then ventured to Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. The majority of his work features ancient forms “ancient forms and figures in a mixture with his own ideas and masks.”

Art Through the Ages: One Artist’s Progression

2 years old

Sometimes when we see amazing art it’s easy to just think “oh that person must be really gifted” but this progression gives hope that maybe anybody can create beautiful art if they are willing to put in the effort. Marc Allante has been making art since he could pick up a crayon and shared with Reddit an album showcasing a piece of art from almost every year from age 2 to his current 25 years of age. Each year his art grows a little more technical and then diverges into his unique style. It’s really awesome to see this artist’s journey laid out in picture form and would be interesting to see the childhood works from other highly regarded artists too.

Cyclops Team: 2 Eyes are Better than 1

Anton Marrast 1

The saying goes that there is somebody out there everybody, and this cyclops pair have met their match. Created by illustrator Anton Marrast, this hideously adorable couple is inseparable. They seem to live a very adventurous life, and they do it all hand in hand. Marrast has quite an impressive CV, with his drawings featured in many publications, and work for various clients, including Playboy.

Visualizing Some of the Funniest Tweets


We’ve all read tweets that make us chuckle out loud- sometimes at an inappropriate time, but there’s something even funnier about visualizing these scenarios. Twaggies is like a museum for hilarious tweets so that they can reach those who may not have seen them in their Twittersphere. Using crowdsourcing, the team at Twaggies find the funniest tweets and transform them into uproarious comics. Email if you or someone you follow on Twitter has said something that would be perfect in cartoon form.

Friendly, Whimsical Bearded Creatures

1 Kang San

I’m in love with these little bearded gnome creatures by Kang San. I would love to hop on the little beard ladder and climb my way up to the fantasy land behind the whiskers. Each little guy is so joyful to share the space inside of his head with anyone who would like to inhabit it. The Korean artist, who is a freelance concept designer, states the purpose behind his work: “I had a desire to overcome a stereotype of mine. So I enjoyed new challenges which made me what I am. Also it has become the motive of my works.” See more of his drawings and projects on

Photo-Realistic Portraits Drawn with Chalk


We’ve all had our eyes fooled by artists with photorealistic techniques such as Pedro Campos’ picture perfect oil paintings, Paul Cadden’s hyperrealistic pencil drawings, Samuel Silva’s ballpoint pen drawing, and Nathan Welsh’s city paintings, but never before had we seen it done with chalk…until now! Rubén Belloso Adorna of Seville, Spain creates enormous portraits that are so detailed, you would not believe they are not photographs, but they are actually drawings made with chalk pastels. You can see the true magnitude of each drawing when you see the photos of Adorna working on them, yet even when you zoom in and look closely they still look like a high definition photo.

Floating Rooms in Perspective

Suzanne Geary Rooms 2

Sometimes to get the best view of something, you have to eliminate all distractions. That’s what artist Suzanne Geary has done in her fantastic series of rooms in perspective. Drawing each with colored pencil she shows us a top-down view of someones living space, showing us just one room with all external walls and details erased from view. Instead we are treated to a bold field of color, almost giving us the feeling it’s floating in space.

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