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Who Knew Frida Liked Daft Punk…

Tuesday 01.24.2012 , Posted by


Chilean illustrator, Fabian Ciraolo, has turned our historical icons into hipsters, and he’s done it in style. View Frida as the bad girl, Dali in a cut off shirt and tight jeans, the Dalai Lama rockin’ his boombox, Che Guevara in his bomber jacket waiting to run the pool table and Cleopatra being risqué in a leopard print top! You can find more of this pop culture artwork on Ciraolo’s blog. [Read more...]


Fantastic Abstract: Illustrations From Jake Pauls

Tuesday 01.17.2012 , Posted by

Jake Pauls has a fantastic way of surprising you with the elements of his illustrations that aren’t immediately apparent. See more of this Toronto based artists work on his tumblr or at his website [Read more...]


José Luis Ágreda’s Illustrations in Real Space

Wednesday 01.04.2012 , Posted by

What first started off as experiments to speed up concept illustration, resulted in surreal, yet familiar environments. The illustrations, at first, don’t seem like paper collage work at all, because the illustrated characters seem to blend in so well with the photographic environments. Once you do realize that it is a collage, it still doesn’t feel out of place that these wonderfully illustrated characters are interacting in these photographs of mid-century rooms. [Read more...]


Occupy Art: Protesters Captured on Newsprint

Monday 11.07.2011 , Posted by

Using the very newspapers where stories of the Occupy movement are being printed, self-trained UK artist Guy Denning has been doing frequent drawings of members of the 99%. Capturing the spirit of the movement, from sadness to strength and rage, his pieces on newsprint and boxes capture the uniquely global protest which continues to garner attention and raise questions about the roll of corporations in world politics. See more of this excellent artists work (including a host of non-Occupy related pieces) at Flickr or on his Facebook page [Read more...]


A Modern Take on Ancient Art

Friday 10.28.2011 , Posted by

Looking like modern day mandalas and taking just as long to create, UK based artist Jake Lockett is the creator of these large and insanely detailed pieces. Exploring his works closely, figures, faces and eyes pop appear, giving the repeating patterns far more personality than their ancient counterparts. Lockett is currently accepting commissions for custom work while he makes progress on an upcoming animation (you can see tests for it at the bottom of this post). Head by his website for more of his illustration work, his tumblr blog, or see his newly created blog for frequent updates on the progress of his animation [Read more...]


Ties: Debt Slavery in the USA

Sunday 10.16.2011 , Posted by

With Occupy Wall Street spreading to other nations, the movement continues to grow ever stronger by the day. This piece shows the JP Morgan Chase logo attached to a set of handcuffs, as a short time after the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York, JP Morgan gave the NYPD the biggest one-time donation it had ever received: $4.6 million. It would seem the movement is having an impact [Read more...]


Eyeing Justice: Social Justice in Saudi Arabia

Saturday 10.01.2011 , Posted by

Social justice is brewing in Saudi Arabia. With the recent news that Saudi women may get the right to vote and with the sentence of lashing for the act of driving being revoked by King Abdullah, I thought a piece regarding women’s rights in Saudi Arabia would be pertinent. Titled, Eyeing Justice, the woman in the piece has the reflection of the scales of justice in her eyes. [Read more...]


Broken Through: A New Flag for Libya

Thursday 09.01.2011 , Posted by

In celebration of the overthrow of Gaddafi’s long and tightly held grip on the people of Libya, artist Robbie Douglas created a new piece he calls “Broken Through.” A sequel to his previous work, “Breaking Through,” this rendition sees the iconic green flag torn completely through, revealing the new red, black and green flag. Robbie says the people of the country have now “escaped the control of the old regime and are now outside of it, tearing it down.” [Read more...]


A Clever Doodle Every Day

Thursday 08.25.2011 , Posted by

I Love Doodle (aka Lim Heng Swee) has been pumping out a clever and often cute drawing every day for the last 202 days. Part of his Doodle Every Day project, that’s a long time when you consider that almost every one is something worthy of printing and keeping around to put a smile on your face (don’t fret… you can get prints here). If you’d like more smiles, you can get them on Twitter, Facebook or at [Read more...]


Two Names, One Artist, One Mind

Saturday 08.13.2011 , Posted by


Visual files of unusual bugs and beetles from his native Oaxaca got stuck in his mind like a database, says artist Sego y Ovbal. Sego, or Ovbal, draws and paints fantastical images of these and other things, along with large-scale graffiti style murals. [Read more...]

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