Two Superb, Hand-Drawn Maps of London

Wellingtons Travel Map of London 2

When I visited Rome last summer I picked up a free, hand-drawn map of the city. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much, but when I started navigating using the small map, I was astounded at the detail it contained in each hand-drawn line. To be finding my way around the ancient city using only someone’s fine penmanship was like stepping back into the bygone era of hand-made cartography. Today we have Google Maps. It’s a tool which blows away any hand-created map as far as accuracy and search-ability, but something is certainly lost in the aesthetic beauty and ability to roll out a large city on the table before you. These fine maps of London from Wellingtons Travel, bring back the maps of old and do it with useful style.

We Love Friday! – Illustrate Your World


“I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever.” ― Beatrix Potter Although my drawing skills have yet to surpass the average 12 year old’s, I am constantly amazed by the talented artists I see everywhere I go. Drawing is such an incredible way to express things that words can not explain and to share your perspective with others. We searched Instagram for illustrations and found some amazingly talented artists from all over the world. Here are our top picks!

Simón Prades Illustrates Animals Hidden in the Woods

Simon Prades Loup in the woods 2

Simón Prades has been walking in the woods a lot recently. It’s a good place to clear your mind, spend some quiet time and come up with new ideas. This January the well known illustrator decided to focus a new series around these walks, paying special attention to the seasons of the forest and the contrasts between light and shadow. In his just released series of three drawings, Loup, he explores these contrasts with positive and negative space, subtly and beautifully revealing the animals of the forest in the detritus of the leaf covered floor and swaying branches of the trees above.

Feathers and Fur: Beautiful Drawings in BallPoint Pen

Mel Fischer 2

Ah the lowly ballpoint pen: it’s the kind of writing instrument you don’t often associate with fine art, but one that is almost always at hand. East German born artist Mel Fischer knows how to harness every bit of charm out of the ubiquitous pens, creating realistic illustrations full of fur and feathers. Her works feature both animals and humans, the latter being adorned with stylish, feathery headwear.

Floating Rooms in Perspective

Suzanne Geary Rooms 2

Sometimes to get the best view of something, you have to eliminate all distractions. That’s what artist Suzanne Geary has done in her fantastic series of rooms in perspective. Drawing each with colored pencil she shows us a top-down view of someones living space, showing us just one room with all external walls and details erased from view. Instead we are treated to a bold field of color, almost giving us the feeling it’s floating in space.

Detailed Beauty: A Critique on Architecture & Society

Mark Lascelles Thornton The Happiness Machine 1

In his exquisitely detailed exploration of world architecture British artist Mark Lascelles Thornton has created something to both admire and to stir up conversation about the state of society. Titled, not a little bit sarcastically, “The Happiness Machine”, his yet to be completed masterpiece is a collection of world skyscrapers from London, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and more.

Visual Bits #313 > Illustrations That Are Wild

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Pat Perry’s Surreal Exploration of Alaska

“The following images and artwork were created while working with the National Parks Service on a residency in Katmai National Park in Alaska.” So begins Pat Perry’s impressive multimedia series Alaska, an arrestingly beautiful yet quietly introspective work from the frequently traveling Michigan based artist and illustrator. His work is one which seems like it could only be created in the far northern reaches of the world, and surrounded by wilderness.

A Psychedelic Animation of Morphing Human Forms

Check out this beautiful new biomorphic animation from Tokyo based artist Katayama Takuto. All is not as it seems as the lines weave into human based forms, transforming from one moment to the next and never quite resolving into a complete person.

Mysterious Heads: New Work from Stefan Zsaitsits

If you’ve ever felt like your head was stuck in the clouds, the characters of Stefan Zsaitsits can surely relate. His enigmatic figures each tell an imaginative story through their mysteriously drawn heads. Some morph into mountain ranges, others turn into geometric cubes and some even disappear. The simple style of his pencil based illustrations, childlike in their playfulness, belies the deeper aspects of the works and the vast imagination embodied in each.