1500 Days of Hand Lettering and Illustration From Chris Piascik

01 piascik

In 2007, Chris Piascik challenged himself to make a drawing a day, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Amassing a significant body of work, Piascik just completed his 1,500th daily drawing earlier this month. His witty illustrations, well-executed patterns, and often irreverent hand-lettering pieces are bold in both coloring and statement.

Micro-Landscape Ink Drawings Inspired by Sound: Beth Brown

Ink Drawings by Beth Brown

These drawings are like taking a microscope to a night club and observing the crawling skin of a rave dancer. Before you read on click ‘Play’ on the sound piece below to set the mood. These incredibly detailed ink drawings are physical manifestations of Beth Brown’s sound art. They look like an iTunes visualizer being used in a slightly darker sci-fi universe. The nonobjective shapes embody a wonderfully dense articulated structure and imply movement: slithering, morphing, collapsing, as a part of some strange foreign lifecycle on micro scale. Beth Brown builds accumulated sensory texture expressed through micro-landscapes.

Drawing on World Issues: Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski Continue to Make Us Think

Pawel Kuczynski satirical art 7

There are few things more appropriate for satirical critique that world politics and issues. Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski continues to enlighten us with his colored pencils, shedding light on the more confusing and contradictory elements of the world we inhabit. Often his work revolves around the issues of poverty, war, political honesty and wage disparity, each illustration giving us a chance to pause and ponder.

So Real You Could Almost Wear It: Photo-Realistic Fashion Illustrations from CJ Hendry


Call them well designed, call them excessive – luxury goods are a focus for many a fashion conscious individual. From patent leather shoes to a carefully crafted clutch, each item is designed to speak to our inner perfectionist saying “why not own the best?” CJ Hendry has a love affair with such coveted goods and the companies that make them, and in her own talented way she’s creating tributes that are equally tasteful and desirable: large-scale photo-realistic drawings in pen.

11 Words with No English Equivalent

Words with no english equivalent 1

Have you ever been wandering in the woods, alone, and longed for a word to describe the feeling? Now you have one: waldeinsamkeit. Ok, if you’re an English speaker that might not say a lot to you; but if you’re German it could mean something significant. Ella Frances Sanders recently created an illustrated series of 11 such words, all that have no equivalent in the english language. Now you have a way to describe those pesky wet rings left on the table by your beer, and that beautiful road-like reflection of the moon on the water (well, at least if you’re Italian or Swedish).

Photo-Realistic Portraits of Celebrities Drawn with Just a Ballpoint Pen

Moon River - Gareth Edwards

These aren’t photographs of classic celebs, although even looking close could leave you convinced. Each is in fact drawn with just your everyday ballpoint pen, leaving little room for error as they are both un-erasable and strictly linear in nature.

An Artistic Collaboration With a 4-Year Old

Collaborating with a 4 year old 1

Sometimes we complain about the way our collaborators work with us on a project – “Why won’t you just grow up!!” – but what if that helper was just a 4 year old child? When Mica Angela Hendricks, a professional illustrator, bought a new sketchbook, her young daughter ditched her own art supplies and wanted to contribute to her mothers work. The result is a charming combination of grown up perfection and youthful imagination.

Laurene Boglio’s Quirky Drawings Dance into Motion


What’s better than animated GIFs of jumping people in bunny costumes, dancing women in swimming caps or a fellow hawking iPads from below his trench coat? Not much. These illustrations from French graphic designer Laurene Boglio are so cool they’re starting to make us jealous… at least of her seriously refined style.

An Exquisite Illustration MADE of Illustrations

Davit Yukhanyan Illustrations 1

Standing from a distance, this fantastic ibex and octopus illustration by Armenian artist Davit Yukhanyan is beautiful… but look a little closer and the drawing holds literally thousands of surprises. He has created the piece by carefully weaving together small, individual illustrations that merge together, perfectly forming the whole image – and the planning behind each element is simply shocking.

Anamorphic Drawings Jump from the Page

Alessandro Diddi anamorphic illustrations 1

From sidewalk art made with chalk, to images in folded notebooks, we’ve seen a lot of creative anamorphic drawings in the last years… but the examples here still stand out from the crowd. Why? Italian artist Alessandro Diddi has created perhaps the most believable 2D drawings we’ve ever seen appearing to leap from the page. Even with a close inspection it’s hard to tell what’s flat and what’s not.