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2D Illustrations Seem to Pop Out of Lined Notebook Pages

Wednesday 11.12.2014 , Posted by
João Carvalho notebook art 1

It would be easy to mistake these images for three-dimensional bas reliefs, but they’re actually completely flat, two-dimensional drawings. Artist João A. Carvalho (aka J Desenhos) creates convincing illusions where it seems his drawings are popping out of a notebook’s blue-lined page. [Read more…]


Old Retired Surfboards Get a New Life as Artwork

Friday 09.26.2014 , Posted by
Jarryn Dower Surfboard Art 1

What happens to old surfboards when they’re old, leaky and ready for retirement? If they’re really lucky, they’re given to Australian artist Jerryn Dower who gives them a new life as slick wall art… or hey, stick it in the sand. [Read more…]


Exquisite Illustrations Blend Biology and Technology

Wednesday 09.10.2014 , Posted by
Olivia Knapp Illustrations 1

Seattle-based artist and textile designer Olivia Knapp creates exquisite illustrations influenced by European line engravings from the 16th to 18th centuries. But, unlike the scientific drawings that inspired them, the work includes choice examples of modern technology amongst her surrealistically rendered biological features. [Read more…]


New Head-Remixing Work from the Superb Stefan Zsaitsits

Tuesday 07.22.2014 , Posted by
Stefan Zsaitsits 12

Austrian artist Stefan Zsaitsits is still at it with his head-remixing surrealistic drawings. Is this a dream, is this just fantasy? Are his drawing getting even more trippy? We’ll let you make the call. [Read more…]


The “Inspiration Pad” Turns the Classic Blue-Lined Notebook Upside Down

Thursday 06.12.2014 , Posted by
Inspiration Pad 1

When working with a classic ruled notebook, drawing outside the lines takes serious willpower. Marc Thomasset, founder of Brussels-based design and advertising studio TM is changing that with his “New Inpiration Pad”. After turning the first page, those tightly packed horizontal lines take inspired swoops, form topographical contours, or loop into geometric forms. This is one book that encourages writing/drawing/doodling just how you like. [Read more…]


Fairy Tale Characters Pay a Surprise Visit to This Artist

Wednesday 05.21.2014 , Posted by
1 ghosts that we knew by giulia pex

Last year we introduced you to a clever artist who turned her “normal” dad into a superhero with the help of a sharpie marker. Now the Milan-based artist, Giulia Pex, is upgrading her own life with fairy tale characters surrounding her typical day. A fairy godmother and sweet animals of the forest wait for her to awake, then she spots a big bad wolf on her walk through the woods. The Mad Hatter joins her for tea time, then she has a wonderful date with Prince Charming as his bicycle is transformed to a magical white horse. But it’s not all romance and fun, when the Evil Queen from Snow White pops out of the bathroom mirror as Pex brushes her teeth. She calls the series Ghosts That We Knew. [Read more…]


Even More Colorful, Awe-Inspiring 3D Sketchbook Illustrations by Hideyuki Nagai

Wednesday 05.07.2014 , Posted by
1 3d by hide

The artist who mastered the art of bringing 2D sketchbooks to life with his pencil has grown tired of black and white, adding much more color to his latest collection. Nagai Hideyuki is a talented, young Japanese artist who has serious anamorphic abilities. Now 23 years old, he continues to build an impressive profile and even shares some of his techniques on YouTube videos like the one below. He also uploads videos of his drawings from different angles to prove that they aren’t actually 3 dimensional. It’s hard to believe sometimes! [Read more…]


Quirky comics of secret feelings. Don’t lie… You know you’ve thought this before!

Wednesday 04.23.2014 , Posted by
Molly Bishop

Have you ever been irrationally afraid of a murderer hiding in your backseat as you get into your car at night? Has someone annoyingly suggested that you “think positive” at a time when that is obviously not what you’re going to do? These universal situations that we don’t often talk about, but that everyone knows, are the basis for Molly Bishop’s comical one-liner illustrations. Go ahead, find the ones that you’ve thought about… no one will know. [Read more…]


If the Movie ‘Labyrinth’ had an Affair with M.C. Escher, This Would be the Baby

Monday 03.31.2014 , Posted by
Mathew Borrett Rooms 1

Artist Mathew Borrett spent his childhood building forts out of hay in an ancient barn, but when his allergies got the best of him, he’d go inside to build elaborate things out of Lego. When he built something he especially liked, he’d draw instructions on graph paper detailing how to build it again. That sounds about right for the child that would later draw these magnificently complex labyrinths of rooms. [Read more…]


These Gender-Swapped Disney & Dreamworks Characters Will Make You Rethink the Films

Sunday 03.16.2014 , Posted by
Maby-chan genderswapped disney and dreamworks male meraud

If there’s one thing that makes a Disney cartoon, it’s the Princes and Princesses. But, what if their genders were suddenly swapped? Would the films we’ve grown up with be completely flipped on their heads? Would Cinderella be looking for her glass boot? Italian artist Maby-Chan has been imagining such scenarios giving “Fem” and “Male” treatments to everyone from Captain Hook to Rapunzel. [Read more…]

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