Floor Plans of Famous TV Shows

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde popular TV show floorplans 10

Television shows can be seriously addicting, drawing us in each week as new episodes about our favorite characters are put on the air. Some TV characters get so familiar in fact, they almost seem like family – we know just how they act in certain situations, thinking things like “oh, that’s such a Homer Simpson thing to do.” But how well do we really know the lives of the characters we love to watch? If you walked into their house would you be able to find your way around? Spanish artist and interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has been creating highly detailed house plans for many of our favorite shows, giving us an overhead view of the places which house many of our favorite scenes.

The Power of Wind: Bicycle Drafting a Truck at 55mph

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A few days ago this video came across my radar. It is a man drafting behind a semi truck at 55 mph. That is right, on a bike, keeping up with a truck on the highway at 55 mph! It is insane to watch how the bicyclist hardly has to work to stay in the draft behind the truck. That is the power of wind, and with the tornadoes and hurricanes that have devastated the United States in the last handful of years it is a force that we often underestimate.

Gorgeous Pen & Ink Architectural Landscapes

These pen and ink illustrations by German artist Denis Andernach are incredibly striking, their elongated perspectives pulling the viewer in to explore the serene architectural landscape. His now classic drawing techniques harken back to a day of large drafting tables and rubber erasers and modern design. For more of his beautiful work, see denis-andernach.de