What’s Going on Inside? Introspective Portraits in Double Exposure

Just a glance at Hiki Komori’s exquisite double exposure portraits, and I can’t help but wonder what is going on inside each subject’s mind. Komori’s images seamlessly merge the naked branches of trees in winter or the stark iron architecture of industrial sites into the faces of each individual. The resulting images have a somber, introspective appearance, as if the thoughts of each person have been made visible.

Double Exposure Photography Like You’ve Never Seen It Before… In Motion!

Although this new digital generation may not know what it’s like to get back film that was accidentally double exposed, there have been some phenomenal examples of photographers intentionally layering 2 shots together. Filmmaker Paul Trillo brings the double exposure technique to life in this unique music video for “Be Around” by the LA band The Peach Kings. Based in NYC, Trillo has worked with The Peach Kings on 2 other music videos and was excited to do this one for their upcoming EP Mojo Thunder.

Double Exposure Portraits: Retro Beautiful

Dan Mountford shoots double exposure photographs, adds a few dabs of Photoshop and comes up with some really outstanding results. His work, which has a distinctly retro feel, often mixes strong architectural features with portraiture and nature in crisp black and white. See more of his work at flickr, on Behance or buy prints at danmountford.bigcartel.com.