Art with Rings, Dots, and Circles

Brewed in Percolator

What are your favorite music albums of all time? Do you remember getting that album and enjoying the artwork of the cover? Eric Bellefeuille, a user interface designer from Quebec, remembered his favorite albums and decided to honor them by re-illustrating their covers. Rather than just painting or drawing them, he choose to recreate them by only using dots, rings and circles. The final product is a captivating alternative. He also took his favorite movies and created dot illustrations for them as well.

A World Drawn Together by Dots

Student designer/artist Miharu Mitsunaga has created a series of stunning portraits and photographs by covering her subjects with a multitude of tiny hand-painted dots. Her architecturally based series, titled “Ten-Ten” (dots in Japanese), symbolically illustrates the bond between man, woman, family, friend, adult, child and nationality through covering spaces with mostly red dots in her signature pattern. Her series “Graduation Work,” takes the concept one step further covering subjects with linear white dots across their bodies, effectively creating a union across perceived differences in culture, race, sex and age. Beautiful.

Pixel Paintings of the Prairies

Neil Tran’s painting in support of Victoria Hospice was inspired by a photo taken of the Canadian prairies, an ordinarily drab nature scene, but with Tran’s artistic flair, this work of art has a unique and modern edge. Tran first painted the whole picture across two 4×5 foot canvases. He then took 10,240 little dot stickers and put each on by hand, covering the 10 foot landscape. Next he used spray paint to cover the stickers, let it dry, then peeled each dot off, revealing a pixel-like painting of the prairies.

The Final Painting, 10,240 Dots