Visual Bits #375> Life Is One Big Video Game

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Visual Bits #251> It’s A-Me Mario

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Flashback: Replay Vintage Handheld Games

Donkey Kong JR. – Nintendo Game & Watch (1982)

Ok, hold on to your hats, because we’re about to blast you back through the 80’s on an internet adventure! It was a time when handheld gaming was black and white and the only sound was a simple beep… and it was still a blast. Ready to go? Hipopotam Studio has been swiftly creating Pica Pic: retro handheld games with complete playability right here on the net. Classic and rare titles are included, from Donkey Kong JR. and The Terminator to Search Light and Thief in Garden. Just scroll across the screen to find a vintage game, select it and follow the clever diagram to figure out keyboard controls. After you’re fingers are sore, be sure to check out Hipopotam Studio’s outstanding website… but be careful, you could get sucked in for weeks!