Learn The Incredible Physics Behind Falling Dominos

In this video, Stephen Morris gives a fantastic demonstration of how dominos work. He uses a collection of dominos made from steel, with each one 1.5x larger than the one toppling before it. Pushing over the minuscule first domino (just 5mm high and 1mm thick) starts a chain reaction that looks nearly impossible – especially when it knocks over the last domino that weighs over 100lbs.

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It Was Hard to Avoid the Noid in the 80′s

In the late 80’s, nothing said pizza like Domino’s Pizza and The Noid. This loony claymation troublemaker hated hot, tasty pizza enough that he spent all his time trying to destroy it using lasers, pogostick crushers and pie freezing guns. Domino’s put up stiff competition with their 30-minutes guarantee and cozy warm pizza carriers. So what made the Noid hate pizza so much? Maybe he just liked being healthy.

The nasty Noid sends some weather the way of a Domino’s delivery man.