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14 Startling Pet X-Rays Reveal the Weird Things Animals Eat

Wednesday 09.17.2014 , Posted by

In what might be the most entertaining competition in existence, the “They Ate WHAT?” x-ray contest awards cash prizes to the most impressive images of hungry animals’ innards. These pets all have unique tastes ranging from rocks and socks, to a shish kabob skewer and 104 pennies. Below you will find the 14 gut-wrenching winners of this year’s contest. [Read more…]


World’s First Wingsuit BASE-Jumping Dog, Whisper

Sunday 06.01.2014 , Posted by
Flying Dog

Adventurous pets choose adventurous owners, which is why thrill seeking dog Whisper found her perfect best friend in Dean Potter. The record breaking wingsuit BASE-jumper, climber, master of the high line brings his beloved dog, Whisper along on his daring adventures. Whisper calmly enjoys being by her master’s side, even when she is flying through the air on his back, as you can see in the video below. [Read more…]


See a Little Dog on a Big Bike Tour from the East Coast to the West Coast this May!

Tuesday 04.08.2014 , Posted by
1 dog going on a cross country bicycle tour

Next month a little dog named Petunia, and her human, will be leaving their hometown in New Jersey, by bicycle, and heading to Virginia to start cycling Adventure Cycling Association’s TransAmerica route all the way to Astoria, Oregon! A journey of over 4,000 miles, the duo will be documenting their travels and turning them into a documentary. According to this adventurous dog’s human, “Petunia is seat belted into her dog pod via a chest harness that has a seatbelt low in the front, and another one on the back that prevents her from getting too far out when she’s enjoying the fresh air. She likes to ride and hasn’t tried to jump out. She has a special signal for when she needs a potty break (and she’s pretty regular so I can anticipate break times mostly).” It’s clear that this pup was born to ride! [Read more…]


Menswear Dog Will Keep You Up on the Latest Fashion Trends

Tuesday 08.13.2013 , Posted by

1 Menswear Dog

Have you ever looked through a male fashion magazine and wondered, what would that outfit look like on a real, down-to-Earth individual rather than that manorexic model who takes himself way too seriously? Look no further because Menswear Dog has exactly what you’re looking for- style, grace, charm, handsome looks, and the confidence to pull off every outfit he tries on. Menswear Dog presents the latest mens fashions for every occassion along with links to purchase all of his favorite clothing and accessories. [Read more…]


Picture Perfect Pup: Champ the Happy Golden Retriever

Tuesday 07.30.2013 , Posted by


Bet you can’t look at these photos without smiling! The happy golden retriever shown here goes by the name of Champ and belongs to a young photographer by the name of Candice Sedighan. The self-taught 20 year old photographer began using her dog Champ as the subject for her photo sessions when she was only 13 and Champ was 3. Over their 7 year photography partnership, Candice’s skills have continued to improve along with Champ’s patience. He now gets very excited anytime she brings out her camera. See more of her work and stay tuned for the possible release of a book or calendar on her Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram pages. Enjoy our interview with Candice after the jump! [Read more…]


Piano Man and Dog Travel to Share the Beauty of Music

Thursday 01.24.2013 , Posted by

dotan negrin piano man dog 6

A couple years ago, an aspiring actor named Dotan Negrin sold everything he had, bought a piano and a truck, and along with his little dog friend “Brando” decided to travel across America. In total, they traveled to 53 cities, met thousands of people and shared the universal love and language of music to those willing to listen. Their journey was a fulfilling one for the duo, as Dotan would play all sorts of songs and little Brando would chill on top of the Piano. They received warm media coverage during their trip which was called “Piano Across America.” [Read more…]


Visual Bits #168> HOPE

Wednesday 04.11.2012 , Posted by

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Adventures in Dog-Sitting

Tuesday 02.28.2012 , Posted by

If I could change form for a day, I have always debated whether I would want to be a bird or a family dog. Naps, belly rubs, walks, massages, playtime and treats…sounds like an amazing life, but flying is also pretty cool. Now that I’ve seen Dave Meinert’s incredible new music video for “Hearts” by Johnny Neon, I can say that I would choose the canine path! The video follows a young dog named Lemon through a fun-filled adventure all over Cape Town, meeting new canine and human friends, soaking up the sun, and splashing around at the beach. [Read more…]


Maddie Stands on Things All Over the Country

Tuesday 02.21.2012 , Posted by

Described as “a super serious project about dogs and physics”, Maddie the Coonhound is a collection of photographs by Theron Humphrey that will continue to grow- almost daily- over the next 6 months. The photographer is bringing his best friend, Maddie, all over the US on a road trip that began last August. [Read more…]


Animated Madness: Dog With Electric Collar

Tuesday 05.31.2011 , Posted by

A small dog with a big bark is locked away in the city, with only a small window to the busy outside world… and what a crazy world he sees. All things go awry in this politically incorrect short animation by Steve Baker and hilarity quickly ensues. Winner of an AFI Best Short Animation award, be sure to see more of his work at [Read more…]